In case you missed it, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen testified in front of the House Oversight Committee this week. Cohen alleged all kinds of crimes and supposed dirty laundry of the president.

The media were practically panting like dogs; they salivated over every word that Cohen uttered — they finally got him!

That’s what they think.

They think that President Trump is going to be impeached, then indicted for crimes and sent to prison.

They want nothing more in life than that.

The media and the Democrats still have never gotten over their election loss to “crooked” Hillary Clinton.

“Crooked” Hillary thought she was entitled to the presidency. She had stood by her husband’s side during his two terms of depravity, then was defeated by Barack Obama and was relegated to be his Secretary of State. It was her turn!

That is what she thought…

If we are being honest; Trump had high unfavorable ratings.

But the Democrats nominated the most unpopular and corrupt politician to ever run for president.

They have themselves to blame.

But they will stop at nothing to rectify their election defeat.

Instead of focusing specifically on defeating Trump at the ballot box; they would rather use the resources of the “peoples’” house to throw Trump out of office.

The hearings this week were a sham.

It was kabuki theatre like you would see in a Banana Republic.

Being the good actor, Cohen played to his crowd: The “lame stream media.”

And they bought his charade.

He played the victim, appearing to be contrite. He did the classic “I have let my kids down” routine, and he was testifying for them. He wanted to clear his conscience.

Interesting, Cohen.

What changed from the last time you spoke to congress — and lied?

Cohen stood by President Trump for years. He had no problem taking a check from him.

Might it be that he is bitter for not getting a job in the White House?

I’d say that’s a good bet.

So does Donald Trump Jr. Don Jr. retweeted a tweet made by Dr. Darrel Scot, “Michael Cohen asked … no, begged me repeatedly, to ask the POTUS to give him a job in the administration! He’s lying under oath!”

Cohen is going to prison for lying to the same body that he was brought in front of.

The Democrats brought a witness to testify who lied to them just months before. He was their first witness in their unofficial trial to oust President Trump.

However, Cohen is just misunderstood…

Cohen gave this defense, “I have lied, but I am not a liar.”

Wait, what?…

That may be the worst defense ever made in a public setting.

And he WAS a lawyer — he isn’t anymore. He was disbarred for LYING to congress.

That is like saying that you are an atheist, but also a Christian. Or that peanut butter is actually jelly.

Clearly a logical fallacy.

In his testimony Cohen said that Trump knew about the Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks emails, and he knew that the Trump organization was still negotiating with Russia to build a Trump hotel — during the campaign. He also claimed that Trump knew about the Russian operative’s meeting with Trump Jr. and Jarred Kushner, at Trump Tower to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Even if this is true — so what!

Everyone has dirt on Hillary Clinton.

It’s not hard to find, and Trump is in the real estate business. He builds things. It happened to be in Russia.

Again, so what?

Where is the quid pro quo? What has Trump done for Russia. If there was collusion, wouldn’t Trump have done something for Russia?

Unless he worked with the Russians to hack the ballot machines — there is no grounds for impeachment.

There is no evidence of that.

He hasn’t. He has been tough on Putin. He placed sanctions on them and pulled out of the Arm’s control treaty with Russia. (Negotiated during the Reagan administration.)

He has been much stronger on Russia than Obama was. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State who famously gave the Russians a “reset button.” (Which was spelled wrong in Russian.)

It was Obama that told the Russians he would negotiate with them after he was re-elected. The conversation was caught on a hot mic with “fake” President Dimitri Medvedev.

At the end of the day, this is a witch hunt — pure and simple.

The fake news media and the Democrats will not stop until they bring down President Trump.

However, they are going to have to work harder. Trump has had many successful policy achievements and has shown that he has a spine when it comes to foreign affairs.

The reason they are so hellbent on taking him down legally is because they fear losing to him again at the ballot box.

They should be afraid of losing again. They are running weak candidates that are running so far left that they are going to fall off the cliff at some point.

The witch hunt is their best chance to beat him.