The White House celebration of the USMCA has essentially left Democrats without ammo after Mexico’s President and Trump mutually praise each other’s foreign policy efforts. For the past few years, Democrats have relentlessly accused President Trump of racism against the Mexican people because he opposes illegal immigration. Trump has previously spoken very candidly about the criminals who were crossing our southern border, calling them rapists, human traffickers, and drug-pushers.

As conservatives understand, this was in fact a true statement. Criminals do in fact illegally pass into our country, alongside regular people who simply want a better life. Nevertheless, Trump was accused of being a white supremacist who hated minorities.

However, hopefully this myth will be put to rest after the president of Mexico made a powerful statement describing President Trump, clarifying that he has been nothing but respectful toward his people.

On Wednesday, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador attended the White House’s commemoration marking the beginning of the USMCA trade agreement, which officially went into effect last week. Obrador attended the Rose Garden ceremony as his first international trip in 19 months, even though the third USMCA partner, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, chose not to attend.

Obrador praised Trump and his administration’s efforts in working together with Mexico to form a positive relationship. According to translation, Obrador spoke very highly of the president, stating, “President Trump, like in the best times of our political relations, we have received from you during my tenure as president understanding and respect, instead of insults toward my person — and more importantly, toward my country,” the Mexican leader said while speaking at the White House.

If Trump hated Mexicans so much, why would President Obrador think so highly of him? In his speech, he also went on to compare Trump to America’s great former Republican president Abraham Lincoln, who is responsible for freeing the slaves. I cannot think of a better compliment coming from a foreign president, let alone the Mexican president of all people. This is big news.

Trump is building a wall between the United States and Mexico – for which Democrats have demonized him– and yet Obrador himself is saying Trump is comparably as great as Abraham Lincoln was.

Then, just so there was no confusion, Obrador took it a step further. Speaking about Trump, he said, “That is why I’m here, to express to the people of the United States that your president has behaved toward us with gentleness and respect.”

He took his first international trip in 19 months to celebrate a trade deal with President Trump and said that the reason he felt it was important to come is to clarify to the American people that Trump has been nothing but gracious to Mexico.

I think it’s safe to say that the mainstream media is going to omit this from their reporting because it doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative. Anyway, this is major news and a massive victory for Trump, a man who American minorities believe hates them. This could greatly help Trump as Obrador’s positive statements praising their relationship comes just about four months before election day. Hopefully, this will help Mexican Americans understand it from the horse’s mouth that Trump does not hate their culture or their country. He simply wants what is best for Americans.