As a political commentator, I wind up seeing and reading things that make me reflect on this world in a way that most people won’t even think about.

Being born in the 70s and coming of age during the 80s, I’ve lived through what seems to be the softest and most successful eras in American history.

However, I wasn’t raised by soft men (or women, for that matter), and I was given a very realistic view on how our world works. Thank God that I learned those lessons well, because it helped me survive my Liberal phase with barely a scratch.

What did I learn in my formative years that has forced me to write an article targeted at the Liberal Progressives with an important message?

Well, the lesson is simple: this world isn’t fair.

The world is barely controlled chaos that is imprisoned by micro-threads that are threatening to break at any moment.

So what makes you think that you or anyone deserves “fairness”?

It’s probably because you’re a failed example of the Great Self Esteem Experiment, where children were given rewards they didn’t earn and entitlement was the prevailing ideology used to raise the next generation.

Under that ideology, if these kids whined in the smallest bit, their parents would give them anything they asked for just to shut them up…

So, of course, these kids entered into adulthood expecting the world to do exactly what their parents did: give them anything they want to shut them up.

The Entitled Are Controlling The Narrative

It’s maddening.

However, finding a Progressive that can have a rational discussion or argument, much less one willing to hear how their ideologies are wrong and are hurting our country, is something near impossible to do.

They just don’t see it.

They think this world should bend to meet their demands as if it somehow belongs to them and they get to dictate what does and doesn’t happen, deciding what is and isn’t acceptable.

Newsflash…you don’t get to do that.

Nobody does.

We cohabitate with laws and policies that stop us from simply punching people in the face that we don’t like or don’t agree with. Nobody owns this world, not even the elected officials who act like they actually run things.

Fairness may be the idea behind whatever we do…but nowhere should it ever be expected.

In fact, the only thing we should expect is to work for whatever we want, not for it to be given to us because we asked for it.

How do I know that?

Because if you want to see how our world should be, we simply need to look to nature to find examples of how WE should act as well.

The Answer Has Been There ALL Along

The bear doesn’t hunt during the Fall in order to give the raccoons, bobcats, and coyotes the food they’re going to need through the winter.

The bear hunts for itself.

If you don’t hunt for yourself, you don’t eat.

And if you don’t eat out there in the jungles of our world… you die. Plain and simple.

The raccoons, bobcats, and coyotes can beg the bear all they want for the food the bear hunts – but if they try to take it from him, odds are, they’ll end up as food too.

This isn’t just limited to bears…

Look at any species of predator and you’ll see the same kind of behavior.

Wolves, lions, big cats…

Even gorilla bands work together to feed themselves. They don’t worry about whether the other animals are eating, but they also don’t take more than they need either.

If you want to know how humans should be, look at nature and try to replicate it as closely as possible.

Capitalism is natural. It’s competition—adapt to survive. Socialism is UN-natural and only really works in the insect world. And what do we call those ants, bees, and the like that do the work of the queen?



Now, where have we heard those terms before?

“Workers of the world… unite!”

Give me a break.

That’s not the way our world is supposed to be.

It’s not fair, it’s not generous, it’s not forgiving—it’s brutal. If you expect anything other than that, you’re going to have a miserable existence in a reality that doesn’t align with your beliefs.

However, much like your feelings, your beliefs don’t matter when it comes to reality.

Reality doesn’t care…

And neither do I.

Toughen up, buttercup.

This world doesn’t own you jack sh*t. The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner we can get back to our normal lives where we leave each other the hell alone.


I’m getting tired of shaking my head and may be getting cervical problems because of it.

“The more civilized man becomes, the more he needs and craves a great background of forest wildness, to which he may return like a contrite prodigal from the husks of an artificial life.” – Ellen Burns Sherman