If there’s anybody in the world that has the absolute right to not like Donald Trump as a person, it would be the late Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan.

The things Trump said about her father – while arguably justified – would have crossed the line for anybody who loved and cared for John McCain.

Of course…

All is fair and love, war, and politics – and John McCain had said some pretty disparaging things about Trump as well.


As much as Meghan McCain can’t stand Donald Trump, it doesn’t make her blind to the fact that he’s got a VERY good chance of winning the 2020 election – especially when you take into account that the Left hasn’t presented one suitable candidate yet.

Of course, as the lone conservative on the wildly popular talk show “The View,” Meghan often finds herself under attack by her uber-liberal cohosts.

But none are as pushy, snarky, or downright loud as the cackling hen that is Joy Behar.

She seems to have become famous through accident; she started her career off as a receptionist for “Good Morning America”…

However, through some unknown stroke of luck, she became famous and is now one of the hosts of “The View” – a quasi-talk show which is misnamed, as it should be called “How Can We Have A View When Our Eyes Are Sealed Shut.”

But I digress…

Meghan and Behar have been known to go at it a LOT over the years – with Behar taking the Leftist viewpoint and Meghan taking the viewpoint of the conservative.

A Match Made In Ratings Heaven

It’s gotten BAD over the years…mostly because Behar is an old bag that can’t discuss anything. As soon as Meghan makes a point, Behar shuts down and threatens to walk off the show.


If there is ONE thing that they agree on, it’s that they both can’t stand Trump.

Behar, because she a die-hard Leftist who just hates for the sake of hatred…

And Meghan, due to the way Trump spoke about her father.

See? And they say politics can’t bring people together.

That being said, while Meghan can’t stand Donald Trump, she’s no dummy.

While the Libs on the show waxed poetic about the nothing-burger of an impeachment inquiry and how they think Donald Trump is scared…

Meghan had this to say, “One of the things that I pride myself in is that we can’t get sucked into the beltway and the media circles. He’s very popular in a lot of places in America. What I saw last night on the debate stage is not gonna be good enough to beat him. You all are very convinced — he’s crazy, he’s whatever. He’s always been crazy like a fox. I knew he was going to win in 2016, and I’m telling you right now: If you think this impeachment hearing and everything with Sondland and the 30,000 cast of characters which, by the way, every day, is ticking lower and lower on ratings. If you think this is enough to have it locked…”

Of course, Behar tried to shut her down, as Leftists do, “Okay, we got to go…”

But Meghan didn’t stop talking…

The Truth Bomb The Left Tries To Ignore

“… If you think this is enough to have it locked and loaded, you are naive and you are…”

Of course, Behar interjected again, opening her big fat yapper and trying to deflect, “I would like to see these people answer subpoenas: Giuliani, Bolton, and Pompeo.”

But Meghan was having none of it…

She was trying to tell those Liberals not to get cocky, so she continued, “You aren’t listening to what I’m saying. … But you’re not listening to what I’m saying. … You’re not listening to me. Do you know what matters? It’s the electoral college, which is what you all should be focusing on right now and you’re not.”

Was there anything said that was out of place?

She wasn’t trying to push for a conservative candidate – she was just trying to educate the dummies that are on the show.

And we should be glad that they didn’t listen.

The best thing for them to do is to believe that the rest of America feels that way…

Because they don’t, and it’s going to bite them all in the ass come November 2020.


“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” ― Bernard M. Baruch