Have you been paying attention, patriots?

There’s something terrible going on in America and it’s happening regardless of the Left’s commitment to “social justice.” If we’re not careful, it’s going to create more strife, unrest, and division in our country because it’s completely lacking of the “justice” to which the Left is so committed.

It’s a narrative that the Left putting forward regardless of what the statistics or evidence shows. They need it to be true in order to keep the power that so many have gained – so the Left perpetuates it, even when the facts aren’t there to back it up.

Even worse, it may be the most overtly racist narrative to be put forward since the era BEFORE Civil Rights.

What’s the narrative?

Essentially, when violent tragedies strike (such as mass shootings or other acts of destruction) the coverage of said tragic event depends on the color of the perpetrator’s skin.

If the race of the shooter/stabber/bomber/whatever is a minority, the mainstream media whispers their report and then lets it fade from the American foreground.

However, if the perpetrator is White, then the mainstream media will focus on it and run it into the ground, even before any real investigation can be opened into the event.

The Real-Time Example Of The New “Bad Guy” In America

We’ve seen it play out in REAL time over the past two weeks.

When a White shooter opened fire in multiple Asian massage parlors, it was all about him being “racist” towards Asians. The media insisted he was probably pushed to this point by Trump’s anti-Chinese government rhetoric.

Of course, that tune changed when the truth came out that this was just a crazed young man that was ashamed of his sexual addiction.

A few days later, another mass shooting, this time in California, saw a shooter open fired with a semi-automatic pistol in a business complex, killing four.

The mainstream media was chomping at the bit, but as soon as the shooter was identified as Hispanic, the story quickly and quietly disappeared.

The same can be said for the grocery store attack in Boulder, Colorado, in which the mainstream media assumed the shooter was White. He ended up being a Syrian immigrant, and the story went from headline news to nothing in hours.

Of course, the fact that ONLY White people died at the hand of this man didn’t even make a blip on the mainstream media’s radar.

And we literally just watched it happen again last week when a deranged man rammed two Capitol policemen, killing one before getting out of his car with a knife looking for more victims.

When the story first broke, mainstream media narrative blamed it on Trump first and then Trump supporters second, with the events of the January 6th riot still haunting those in power.

But when the truth broke that it was a Black man who was a follower of Louis Farrakhan, this story too disappeared from the public’s view.

Is it Racist? You Be The Judge…

Now, one could just chalk this up to the fact that these tragedies are happening more frequently than ever, so the coverage is dying down…

But look at how long the Atlanta spa shooter’s crime stayed in the headlines, and compare that to the other events.

It really does feel like the mainstream media gets disappointed when the killer doesn’t fit their “White, racist, unemployed redneck” motif. All the air gets let out of the room when they discover the shooter isn’t White.

Then, the narrative becomes an attack on “White” male toxicity and how we have to do more to keep these “Domestic terrorists” under control.

Or worse, it becomes an attack on the weapon itself – especially if it’s a semi-automatic rifle that looks like a big scary machine gun.

Then it becomes all about gun control and limiting Second Amendment freedoms.

There’s a pattern here, and it’s about the vilification of the White male in society.

The Left needs some kind of scapegoat so they can blame all the woes of the world upon – and right now, it’s straight White males.

However, it would just be nice (and FAIR) if they gave all of these events fair coverage.

Is that too much to ask for?

Obviously, yes…

But you understand the hypothetical nature of that question.

The worst part? There is nothing we can do to change this narrative.

No statistic or fact will change the Left’s mind. This is who the enemy is. Watch out for them.

However, we can push back…

We can call this racist narrative out where it appears. We can make sure that companies that choose to engage in these kinds of actions wind up on the “cancel” side of the aisle – or at the very least find themselves facing a boycott.


We can simply just point it out and let people know that we see what they’re doing.

Either ALL racism is terrible…or none of it is.

You can’t pick and choose.


“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” — Marcus Aurelius