That sound you heard was the Left’s narrative falling apart after the identity of the mass murderer in Boulder, Colorado was officially revealed.

Tragically, on Monday, a shooter killed ten people—including a police officer—at a grocery store in Colorado, and of course, the Left and their media accomplices jumped to the conclusion that the shooter was white.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, writer Meena Harris, tweeted, “The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our nation.” She later deleted this tweet in response to additional facts.

Comedian DL Hughley tweeted, “A white armed mass murderer has a better chance of surviving an encounter with the police than a black dude holding a phone.”

Then there was the USA Today Race and Inclusion Editor Hemal Jhaveri (Seriously, that is a position at USA Today) who tweeted, “It’s always an angry white man, always.”

Except…it wasn’t a white male at all.

Nope, the murderer was a 21-year- old male from Syria. (We’ll refrain from reporting his name because studies show that publicizing the names of mass shooters contributes to more copycat killings because the killers seek out the attention the media gives them.)

But suffice it to say that the man is not white and the Left’s rush to judgment has led to egg on their faces.

They were openly rooting for the suspect to be a white male so they could advance their narrative that evil white men are the biggest threat to the country, as evidenced by Meena Harris’ tweet above.

I found it odd that, in the hours after the shooting, there wasn’t around-the-clock coverage of the Boulder shooting given that past mass shootings received media coverage for days. A motive and suspect hadn’t been released yet, but if it had been a white male, there can be no doubt that hours of continuous coverage would have ensued.

The media are the enemy of truth. They would rather lie to advance their narrative or lie by omission than give the public the whole story.

The First Amendment protections of the press is vitally important and was so to the Founders because the press was to be another check on an overreaching government. But now, the press is advancing the narrative that more government overreach is needed, and America needs to be fundamentally transformed. In their minds, not telling the truth is justified because, in the long run, the country will be remade in their image.

This is scary stuff. If Americans don’t know the truth about what is taking place in the country and how that omitted information is kept from us, how are Americans supposed to hold their government accountable?

Big Tech and the mainstream media have formed an unholy alliance that has as its main purpose the suppression of the truth to advance their own narrative and to ultimately give absolute power to the government.

This was made abundantly clear during the 2020 election when the axis alliance joined forces to suppress vital information contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop that could possibly have diverted votes from Joe Biden. And then Twitter and Facebook banned then-President Trump from their sites.

Those are just a few examples of many.

The media narrative to paint—without the facts— the Boulder shooter as white to advance their own selfish interests is the continuation of their role of protectors of tyranny.

We no longer have a free press in this country; we have a totalitarian press that seeks not the preservation of the republic, but the destruction of it.

These motives are antithetical to the American founding and should send a chill down every freedom-loving spine.