The mainstream media are in full freak-out mode after the release of the Mueller report. The report absolved President Trump of any wrongdoing with regards to so-called collusion. That should be the end of the story; however, the lame-stream media can’t let the story die.

For two years, they promised the American people that the Mueller investigation would find Trump guilty of collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Now, they acknowledge that collusion is not a legal term.

They have discarded the term and have acknowledged that there is no federal statute that details such a crime. Collusion is so yesterday.

They have moved onto “obstruction of justice.”

The media pretended that bombshell reports were going to finally finish the presidency of Donald J. Trump, and yet, he still remains.

It is driving them mad.

Watergate Reporter Calls Trump the “Most Authoritarian” Ever

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein has called President Trump the “most authoritarian president in American history.”

The media treat Bernstein as if he is some sort of journalistic sage, wise and all-knowing.

However, Carl Bernstein is a leech. He leeched off of his fellow Washington Post reporter, Bod Woodward, during the Watergate investigation. He rode Woodward’s coattails and is celebrated for his role in bringing down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

Using information that was fed to them by former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt.

This weekend, the “sage” pontificated from the heights of the media’s Mount Olympus: CNN.

That’s right, from CNN, the organization that has brought you more fake news about “Russiagate” than any other network.

Bernstein was on the so-called media watchdog program, “Reliable Sources,” hosted by the most unobjective objective reporter … Brian Stelter.

During the interview, Bernstein dropped this doozy: “Trump is probably the most authoritarian president in the history of the United States … he has nothing but contempt for Democratic traditions and the rule of law.”

Bernstein then took the obligatory shot at Attorney General William Barr: “It’s obvious to anyone who watches, anyone who looks at the facts, reads the Mueller report, the obstruction part, particularly. We are in the midst of a continuing cover-up by the president, aided and abetted by the attorney general of the United States.”

Of course, Trump and his “stooge” Bill Barr are conspiring together to keep the super-secret details of actual “collusion” a secret.

In order to cover something up, there has to be an actual crime. However, the Mueller report detailed no such thing.

Bernstein is being intellectually dishonest by failing to point out the facts; he is blinded by his disdain for the president.

If Trump is an authoritarian, then he is really bad at it.

He has jailed zero reporters or political prisoners, and didn’t rig the election.

His biggest crime is being mean to reporters. He calls them names. Big deal; the reporters need to get down from their high chairs and put on their big-kid pants.

He revoked the press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta because Acosta was being a jerk; that’s hardly the same as throwing a reporter in jail.

You know what president did use authoritarian tactics against reporters?

Answer: Barack Obama

That’s right, the media’s beloved president was spying on reporters.

Under Obama, the Justice Department and the FBI spied on reporters by searching their phone records, and issued subpoenas to reporters to try to force them to reveal their sources.

The Obama FBI targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen. The FBI sought and obtained a warrant to seize all of Rosen’s correspondence and two days’ worth of emails. The FBI also obtained Rosen’s phone records and then labeled him a “flight risk.”

That sounds like an authoritarian.

FDR locked up American citizens of Japanese ancestry in World War II. Trump has done nothing close to that.

Even John Adams and Abraham Lincoln did worse. Adams signed the “Alien and Sedition Act” to punish reporters for reporting stories unfavorable to his administration; Lincoln locked up prisoners without charges during the Civil War.

If Trump is a tyrant, then you have to call all four of them tyrants as well.

The media are losing their minds. They are fearful that Trump will be reelected in 2020 and are lashing out.

The New York Times and Washington Post won Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on the Trump-Russia story, only to be proven wrong.

Journalism is dead in this country.

It is a shame, because freedom of the press is important to safeguarding our freedom. However, the media’s abusing that right by using it to further their own political agendas.

Or, as the Washington Post would say, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”