Do you remember when the Russian collusion story first broke?

There wasn’t a news outlet in existence that didn’t make this the focus of their reporting for months on end.

In fact, the New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Trump/Russia collusion scandal—even though it was ultimately proved to be a hoax.

It was a scheme cooked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC to damage Trump by accusing him of working with Russia—and they themselves hired a SPY to work with Russia to get dirt on the President.

And what did they turn up?

Lies and false stories from drunk bar patrons (seriously, some of the information was acquired from shady characters in bars) about some loose ties and made-up stories of videotapes with prostitutes.

It came out that this was all fake, that none of the stories held any water…but first the Democratic establishment used the lies to get FISA warrants needed to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.

Rumors Used To CRUCIFY Donald Trump


We’ve got a fake dossier…

Premature Pulitzer Prizes…

And illegally-obtained FISA warrants that were used to spy on a law-abiding American citizen.

These are the facts that the mainstream media ran with for the better part of two years, trying their best to create a narrative that put Trump in Putin’s pocket.

The Mueller report changed that…

And it’s no wonder that AG Barr exonerated Trump from any collusion or obstruction of justice immediately after that.

When that hoax didn’t work, they started another one: a fake impeachment that Schiff and Co ramrodded through the House in order to try and charge Trump with even MORE made up charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress (as if anybody has ever heard of the second charge).

All this was done on RUMORS…

No evidence…

No witnesses…

Nothing but simple hearsay.

Now, in just the last week, Joe Biden is being accused of being a corrupt politician by many on the Right. Allegations say that he allowed his to pimp out the former Vice President’s influence for cold hard cash.

However, unlike the charges against Donald Trump, there may actually be hard evidence to prove this.

Facts HIDDEN To Protect Biden: Where’s The INTEGRITY?

The Hunter Biden laptop left at a Delaware computer repair store could hold the key to determining whether Creepy Joe was on the take…

And if that doesn’t do it, maybe the cellphones offered up by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski or the emails from his OTHER former business partner Bevan Cooney will do the trick.

Both of these are being poured over by investigators as we speak…

And it could be the biggest news to hit American politics since the Watergate scandal.

However, how is the mainstream media treating this story?

Like it’s got leprosy.

There aren’t many outlets that want to touch this story with a 10-foot pole – which is REALLY weird, considering how hard they went after Trump with just RUMORS of corruption and  compromise.

We may have ACTUAL evidence that Joe Biden is and has been on the take with foreign [powers and will sell America out for his own best interests, and mum’s the word from the media.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

This story should be covered with the same fervor and enthusiasm that the Trump Russia hoax was, given the same scrutiny that the Ukrainian impeachment hoax was.

However, very few media outlets are tackling this story.


This story would be SURE to increase views and circulation…

Which goes to show you that the Left cares more about pushing their false narrative forward than actually doing something to help protect our country.

That’s a scary prospect…

But it’s true.

This is why we need to hold our journalists’ feet to the fire to make them report on ALL the news, not just the stories that make their side look good.

This is how it goes with 21st Century politics and journalism…

Instead of being contentious to both, journalists are content toeing a company line.

It proves Trump to be correct in yet another assessment: the mainstream media is the enemy of the people and will continue to be as long as their partisanship shows in their decision-making process.

Find your roots, mainstream media…

Make reporting great again, and the country would be sure to follow.


“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Alan K. Simpson