I am glad that Joe Biden and the media suddenly are appalled by mob violence and quickly condemned the riots at the Capitol on January 6…but where was all this indignation last summer when radical Left mobs were burning American cities to the ground? Yesterday, these people said that federal buildings should be defended at all costs, but these same people were silent when a federal courthouse in Portland was under siege and a Minneapolis police station was burned to the ground.

Last summer, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser let her city be attacked by violent Black Lives Matter supporters. She didn’t immediately condemn them and issue a curfew order like she did within hours of the destruction at the United States Capitol.

Media figures at CNN, such as Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, actually defended the Leftist mob violence this past summer. Now they are quick to condemn mob violence from the Right but haven’t retracted their statements about the Leftist violence.

I wrote another piece already condemning in the strongest possible terms the hooligans who invaded the capitol yesterday (which you can read HERE). Unlike the Left in the media, I and many of my colleagues are consistent in denouncing mob violence no matter which side of the political aisle the perpetrators stand on.

The media doesn’t get to lecture conservatives on civility and patriotism. They lost that moral high ground a long time ago. Joe Biden called ANTIFA an “idea” not a terrorist group during a presidential debate.

I wonder if he thinks that the rioters at the Capitol were also just an “idea.” That was a rhetorical question, of course.

The cultural takeover by the Left is driving the anger you are seeing right now. What we saw at the US Capitol on Wednesday didn’t just happen spontaneously and without provocation. For years, the Left has crammed down their views down our throats with movies, music, television, the media, casual dining, sports, and the government itself.

They created the pressure valve that was finally released yesterday. They shouldn’t be shocked at what happened, because, without them, the Capitol would have remained in peace.

That is obviously not excusing what the rioters did. It is simply a reminder to our media opponents that they aren’t faultless in the divisions that have been created in today’s America.

And unless someone either commits violent acts themselves or orders and encourages people do so, they are not complicit in the violence. President Trump didn’t call for the violence we saw yesterday, and he never sought to defend it, though his condemnation was weaker that it should have been.

The Left and their media allies defended the rioters and looters this summer and gave aid and comfort to them.

Yesterday’s events at the US Capitol is a sad reminder of how divided this country has become. The differences between the Right and Left is now the size of the Grand Canyon.

The two parties used to disagree on the size of government and how high taxes should be implemented. Now they disagree on whether the form of government established under the Constitution should be forever altered or abolished.

We all used to at least agree that the Constitution was a good thing and needed to be defended, and now one side wants to fundamentally transform the country.

How can we continue on like this? Where does this all end? Whatever the answer to these questions is, time will tell. But one thing is for sure: The Left and their media allies don’t get to lecture the rest of us from a mountain of self-righteousness.

They are complicit and we must not let them forget it.