The bodies of the victims from this weekend’s mass shootings hadn’t even been identified before the media began blaming President Trump for the carnage.

What happened to basic human decency? The Left couldn’t mourn the victims and stay silent on politics for one weekend. It was just too hard for them.

A Weekend Of Tragedy

Over the weekend, a mentally-deranged 21-year-old white man shot and killed 20 people at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas. The killer posted a manifesto online shortly before the shooting in which he derided immigrants and said that “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

On Sunday, another man shot and killed nine people and wounded another 27 outside a bar in Dayton, Ohio.

It was a horrific weekend of bloodshed in which evil was on full display.

However, instead of remembering the victims and praising the police and other heroes who showed incredible bravery during the shooting, the mainstream media politicized the event immediately. They touted gun control policies and blamed President Trump for the massacres.

Blaming Trump

The pages of The New York Times were full of stories tying Trump to the El Paso murders.

There was one particularly egregious article titled “El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language.”

The Times cited the similarities between Trump’s rhetoric and the killer’s as evidence that Trump is to blame for the shooting. They wrote, “in the 2,3000-word manifesto tied by the police to…the suspect in the El Paso shooting, he said he was ‘simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.’”

Then the NYT tries to equivocate Trump’s rhetoric to that of the shooter. The NYT wrote, “Mr. Trump said much the same four years ago, at an event hosted by the Texas Patriots at a Houston-area school. ‘Everything’s coming across the border,’ Mr. Trump said. ‘The illegals, the cars, the whole thing–it’s like a big mess, blah. It’s like vomit.’”

What the media is doing to Trump is disgusting. At no point did the president call for Americans to shoot Hispanic immigrants. Expressing an opinion on illegal immigration is hardly the same as calling for the mass-killings of immigrants.

That goes for other shootings as well.

A Huge Double-Standard

If the media wants to play this game, then they should blame Bernie Sanders for the congressional baseball field shooting in which Congressman Steve Scalise was nearly killed by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The media should blame Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the ICE bomber who quoted AOC in his manifesto.

And while they are at it, they should blame leftist rhetoric for inspiring the shooter in Dayton this weekend, who was an avowed leftist and Elizabeth Warren supporter. The media has chosen to cover the Dayton shootings less vigorously than the El Paso shootings because it doesn’t fit into their narrative.

In all these cases, neither Bernie, nor AOC, nor Trump deserves the blame. The shooters do. Unless they were specifically calling for violence, they shouldn’t be held accountable.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke blamed Trump’s rhetoric for the shooting. His campaign is struggling and he needs to stay relevant. In order to do this, he attacked Trump.

He tweeted, “We know what Trump is doing. He stokes racism. He incites violence. We shouldn’t be asking if there’s anything he can do or if he’s responsible for this when we know the answer. I stand by what I said.”

The Left will go to anything to try and destroy President Trump. They are not above using a horrifying tragedy to score political points against the president; they have no shame.