Attorney General William Barr is in the crosshairs of the Democrats once again.

He has been accused of doing Trump’s dirty work, and the media has been talking about him as if he is the lawyer of a mob boss and not the Attorney General of the United States.

Barr has had a long career of distinguished service going back to his days as Attorney General under George H.W. Bush.

He always had a stellar reputation…until now.

Leftists claim that he played defense for President Trump during the release of the Mueller Report.

If Barr was covering up for Trump, he did a terrible job. How can you cover up a report while also releasing the entire report to the public?

Now, Barr is being accused of playing the henchmen for Trump again, this time as it relates to Ukraine and the investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation.

On Monday, The New York Times reported that the attorney general had been reaching out to foreign leaders asking them to help provide information on the origins of the Russia investigation.

How dare he!

It is his job as Attorney General to follow the facts wherever they may lead. The facts point to foreign connections with regards to the obtaining of a FISA warrant that was used to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.

This should not be controversial at all.

However, we are talking about the mainstream media, and they can’t help but feign outrage.

The New York Times reported, “President Trump pushed the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call to help Attorney General William P. Barr gather information for a Justice Department inquiry that Mr. Trump hopes will discredit the Mueller investigation, according to two American officials with knowledge of the call.”

That paragraph right there is exactly why Americans don’t trust the press. They claim that it is a purely political motive by Trump and Barr, when in fact, it is a legitimate investigation that needs to be pursued.

Here is more spin from the report: “Like that call, Mr. Trump’s discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia shows the president using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal interests.”

The discussion with Mr. Morrison shows the extent to which Mr. Trump views the attorney general as a crucial partner: The president is using federal law enforcement powers to aid his political prospects, settle scores with his perceived ‘deep state’ enemies and show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt, partisan origins.”

The report continued: “As part of his efforts, Mr. Barr in recent months has asked the president to facilitate communications with foreign officials and has made at least one trip to Italy to secure cooperation, according to a department official. The inquiry is examining American intelligence and law enforcement activity around the Trump campaign and whether it was legal.”

Once again, this is well within Barr’s purview. This is not some sort of nefarious plot on his part.

The New York Times and others in the mainstream media have conveniently overlooked that many of these countries have reached out to American investigators of their own volition.

A letter has surfaced from the Australian Ambassador Joe Hockey to Barr in which Hockley pledged his support in the investigation following public comments made by President Trump.

The letter read in part: “Dear Attorney General,

“I refer to President Trump’s announcement on 24 May that you will investigate the origins of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into Russian links to the 2016 US election… we stand ready to provide you with all the relevant information to support your inquiries.”

Once again, the media have failed to tell the whole story.

William Barr is doing an excellent job as Attorney General. He won’t back down from confronting the media mob, and he should be applauded for it.