The state American economy has been a hotly-debated topic since Donald Trump took office in January in 2017. Why has something as basic as the country’s economic status become such a point of contention—especially when the economy is doing well?  The answer is simple: partisan bickering. Both Democrats and Republicans claim responsibility for America’s economic boom in the last few years. Democrats say it’s all because of leftover Obama policies, Republicans give all the credit to Trump. Regardless of who’s really responsible for it, back before the coronavirus pandemic, America’s economy was doing so well that we had an actual SURPLUS of jobs and record-breaking profits.

Of course, the Left hates to admit just how much better the markets did the day AFTER Trump got elected—but we all know what caused that market jump.

However, their arguments aren’t without valid points. They are 100% correct in saying that the economy DID start turn around under Obama’s watch. Of course, it’s much less impressive when you consider that the economy also hit rock bottom under his watch as well.

Obama regulated the markets to DEATH. His level of oversight was so stringent that it reduced the nation’s cash flow mere drips. It could have been a raging river like it’s been under Trump, but overregulation dammed it up..

Why The Left Loves The “Obama’s Economy” Lie

Yet the Left STILL continues to insist that Obama was responsible for the economy that America experienced over the past three-and-a-half years.

“This is Obama’s economy, not Trump’s! The employment rates were rising under him; Trump just kept it going!”

They couldn’t be more wrong if they tried, but they had to hang onto this delusion to justify hating everything Trump does.

If they support what he’s doing with the economy, it’s too much of a win for him. They keep perpetuating a falsehood rather than giving him a win.

In their eyes, the surging economy was Obama’s doing, and Trump gets ZERO credit.

And then, without warning, the pandemic our shores and America was forced to go on lockdown.

We hunkered down, sheltering in place until our hospitals could get the situation under control, and our economy paid the price for it.

20.5 million Americans lost their job practically overnight, and what did the Left do? More of the same…

“This is TRUMP’S fault! He ruined the economy!”

Meanwhile, anyone with half a brain knows that if, you completely shut down the economy, people are going to lose jobs—and that’s exactly what happened.

You had people, layman, and experts alike, saying that it was the end of America’s boom. We were entering into a bear economy and no one could do anything to stop it…or so they thought.

But then May’s job report came out.

May’s Jobs Report DESTROYS Liberals Narrative

To the surprise of the entire country, the unemployment rate fell to 13.3% (down from a record 14.7%), and the economy added 2.5 million jobs as states started to open back up.

Just like we knew it would.

There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the economy before the pandemic took hold, so this drastic recovery’s not surprising to those familiar with the way things were before. The downturn wasn’t caused by a weak economy or bad leadership.; it was caused by unprecedented circumstances.

The American economy had to find its feet before beginning to walk again, but we’re picking up the pace. The number of new unemployment applicants has dropped EVERY week since hitting the record of 6.8 million jobs lost in a one-week stretch.

At the height of the pandemic, we had 40 million new people applying for unemployment benefit, but as Americans starts to venture back out into the world, current claims are just over 20 million, showing that many Americans have gone back to work.

So, as we start getting moving back in the right direction, who are the Liberals going to give credit to this time?

You can bet dollars to donuts that they will absolutely try to tie it back to Obama somehow.

“The economy didn’t crash because of Obama’s policies,” they’ll say. “He left it so strong that not even a pandemic could shake it.”

But we all know who’s responsible for record numbers and the quick recovery from a nationwide lockdown.

His name is Donald J. Trump and he’s a damned fine American.


“Only a strong economy can create higher asset values and sustainably good returns for savers.” – Ben Bernanke

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