Over the weekend, the Masters golf tournament—considered by many to be the most coveted title in the sport—was held in Augusta, Georgia.

Of course, the Left continued their war on fun by calling for the Masters to be removed from the only home it has ever had at Augusta National Golf Club.

The Left was trying to push another sport to move a big event out of the state as a protest against the “supposedly” racist Georgia voting law. Major League Baseball caved to the mob the week before by moving their All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado, which has some provisions that are more “restrictive” than Georgia.

But, unlike so many other cowardly organizations, Augusta National held firm and carried on with their 85-year tradition of holding the Masters at Augusta.

In the day before the tournament, Augusta National Chairman Fred Ridley told the media the following at the chairman’s annual pre-Masters press conference:

“I believe and I am confident that every member of this club believes that voting is an essential fundamental right in our society and that — as I stated, that anything that disadvantages anyone to vote is wrong and should be addressed. I’m not going to speak to the specifics of the law, but I do know that … I think there’s a resolution, and I think that resolution is going to be based on people working together and talking and having constructive dialogue because that’s the way our democratic society works. And while I know you would like for us to make a proclamation on this, I just don’t think that is going to be helpful to ultimately reaching a resolution.”

Good for Augusta National. It is about time someone stood up to the woke mob. It would be one thing if the state’s laws were actually designed to prevent black people from voting. In that case, a boycott would be understandable. However, this voting law isn’t designed to deny anybody the right to vote, it is meant simply to prevent the possibility for future fraud to occur in the state’s elections.

And anyone that knows anything about professional golf knows that Augusta National IS the Masters. It is the only home the tournament has ever had and it would be the Masters in name only if it would have been moved.

The sports media is just as bad as the far-Left news media and have been pushing the lies being told about the Georgia election law. Watching ESPN now is like watching CNN with football in the background. The talking heads of American sports whine about social issues and government policy, topics they clearly aren’t well-versed in, but that doesn’t stop them from talking.

How I long for the day when I could sit down and watch an hour broadcast of Sports Center where they just showed game highlights in an entertaining fashion…those were the days.

As far as the Masters itself went, Hideki Matsuyama made history by winning the Masters, becoming the first Japanese golfer to win the coveted green jacket.

Japan is a golf-crazy country and the media coverage of Matsuyama is a national obsession.

Golf became a big deal in the island nation following World War Two and became popular in the growing corporate business industry as well as among the general public.

The country has longed for a major championship winner and their dream finally came true Sunday with Matsuyama’s nail-biting victory. He stood on the famed 12th green at Augusta with a six-shot lead, before coming back to the field and narrowly winning by one shot.

But a win is a win, as they say.

One thing is for sure: Hideki Matsuyama will never have to buy another round of sake ever again. He will be a legend in the Land of the Rising Sun forever.

And this historic victory wouldn’t have happened if the mob got their way. For once they were denied, and the sport of golf is all the better for it.