Written by FreedomWire Contributor David Spencer, co-founder of the Open America PAC.

In the recent months of the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide restrictions at the state and local level have crushed millions of small business owners. The overstepping of state legislatures is forcing hundreds of businesses to close their doors for good. But now, even though the worst seems to have passed and America begins to reopen, one state is still lagging in the process: Massachusetts.

Massachusetts, a state normally categorized as Left-leaning and the home of Senator Elizabeth Warren, is also under the supervision of Republican Governor Charlie Baker. The Baker team has set forth a four-phase reopening plan that is harming more than it is helping. 

Hypocritical Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito refuses to follow the guidelines set forth by her team. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Polito hosted a house party at her Shrewsbury mansion, defying her own regulations. 

Gov. Baker himself has turned his back on the small businesses owners he pledged to stand with, like Frank Mendoza, who stated in an interview with Boston 25 News, “If I have to give up my businesses that I worked 25 years for, sacrificed my life for, for Coronavirus, I’ll take Coronavirus over losing my business.”

It’s the hard-working men and women of America who have built small businesses from nothing who are being hurt the most. Even now, bars have been moved to Phase 4 of Baker’s reopening process, further preventing them from opening. 

Dean Cavaretta a former Baker and Polito campaign aide, has found an alternative route to Reopening America. Cavaretta, myself, and Cody Parsons (a Massachusetts’s based political consultant) have launched a Federal Super PAC called The Open America PAC, aimed at electing Republican Candidates that will help rebuild the small businesses crushed by the nationwide shutdowns. 

As America proceeds to reopen its doors, The Open America PAC’s team has stated our goals are to make sure a better leadership is elected to Congress to ensure a pandemic like this is handled better in the future. 

America’s businesses should never be forced to close their doors. The backbone of America is her small businesses and without opening sooner, we will decimate our economy. 

RINO Republicans and liberals have forced America’s shutdown to go on longer than needed, massively damaging our small businesses and pushing our economy to the brink. Meanwhile, other leaders of Massachusetts, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, focus on raising money for Joe Biden rather than focusing on America’s national pandemic and protests. 

Senator Warren would rather blame the Trump administration for the virus than call out China for the virus’ spread, or addressing the Democratic Party’s shortfalls in Congress relating to the virus. On her website, she describes how the Trump Administration has inadequately handled the COVID-19 pandemic and are the root cause for its economic repercussions. 

Warren and other Massachusetts officials should be more focused on reopening America and saving businesses rather than regulating and closing them for good. Come November, many will see a drastic change in voting because America’s citizens know which officials have fought for their businesses and which ones haven’t.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer.