You know, I thought the whole “white supremacy” thing was put to bed in the 1980s, back when the casual racism that used to be so prominent in our country started going the way of the Dodo.

And that was a GOOD thing!

As a society, we’ve evolved and progressed to the point the color of a person’s skin should be the last thing we notice when interacting with them.

This was the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard to achieve, hoping that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.

We were getting very close to that goal, too.

During the 90s, that sentiment became even more widespread—and it led to the birth of the “politically correct” movement.

However, something started happening during the 90s that put us on the path to the messed-up situation we find ourselves in today. The scales started tipping from equality of opportunity for ALL regardless of race, color, gender, or sexual preference, toward equality of outcome regardless of ability, qualification or fairness.

It was this tipping of the scales that has led us to one of the most confusing and chaotic political atmospheres our country has ever experienced—and for some reason, race seems to be at the center of it all.

But even with all that, it’s not like it was during the 20th Century.

Now, the race debate isn’t about equality or humanity; it’s mostly just about how evil and villainous “whiteness” is.

Whiteness = Trump Supporter

The narrative these days is that everything bad in the world stems from whiteness—and it works retroactively because everything that’s ever been a symbol for the American way of life is now a symbol for whiteness.

For example, take Mara Gay and her inability to separate whiteness from the American flag.

Recently, Gay, a board member for the New York Times, was on an MSNBC panel discussing a NYT OpEd titled “Too Many People Are Still Underestimating The Trump Threat” by Max Boot.

During her appearance, Gay had this to say about a recent trip she had taken to Long Island:

“I was on Long Island this weekend visiting a really dear friend, and I was really disturbed. I saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing because essentially the message was clear. It was this is my country. This is not your country. I own this.”

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with “whiteness,” and I’ll tell you, but first I wanted to set the stage for you. Mara Gay is openly equating American flags to Trump flags, and she’s assuming that those displaying American flags could only be white Trump supporters.

You Know What Happens When You Assume, Right?

There’s no guarantee that a truck flying an American flag belongs to either a Trump supporter or a white person—but that’s the mindset Gay adopted to recount her experience.

And frankly, it’s a pretty racist one.

However, here’s where she ACTUALLY brings race into it.

Gay said, “The reality is here, is that we have a large percentage of the American population – I don’t know how big it is – but we have tens of millions of Trump voters, who continue to believe that their rights of citizens are under threat by simple virtue of having to share the democracy with others.”

That’s just not the case, Mara. We genuinely don’t mind sharing. We’re just sick of people attacking our rights because it might benefit other people instead.

But I digress…

Gay continued, “As long as they see Americanness as the same as one with whiteness, this is going to continue. We have to figure out how to get every American a place at the table.”


This woman actually thinks that ALL Trump supporters are white. That’s how delusional she is.

You can hear it say it for yourself:

Now, the NYT is saying her comments were taken out of context…

But the context is clear: Mara Gay is so racist that’s she equated whiteness to supporting Trump. Never mind the increasing number of minorities that voted for Trump in 2020. Those people are invalidated outright.

It’s crazy to think people still think this way.

But here we are, watching Liberals discuss things they obviously don’t really understand.

I hope we get past this whole race-baiting era of our country sooner rather than later.

It’d be really nice to get back to the harmony that we were working towards and make one Martin Luther King Jr. proud of us.


“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.