You’ve been bamboozled…

The mainstream media—and even some of our very own conservative pundits—have created the narrative that Bernie Sanders isn’t the true face of the Democrats.

They’re saying that the Democratic establishment doesn’t want him in power…

That he doesn’t represent the majority of the Democratic base, which they claim is largely centrist.

But is that really the case?

Have we swallowed a line of BS that will lull us into a false sense of security? Are they purposely and consciously trying to present Bernie as just a crazy old man that nobody is listening to as a way to cover up the very REAL threat that he poses?

Are they trying to sneak Bernie through in the hopes that we won’t see him as a credible threat to Trump, America, and our political and economic system as we know it?

While most people try to downplay his appeal and effect he has on the voters…

The fact of the matter is that he could very well be the one candidate that will destroy Trump’s chances of re-election—and then destroy America after he takes office.

Because poll numbers on the issues to which Bernie is most dedicated seem to be falling RIGHT in line with the VAST majority of Democrat voters.

Proof That Bernie IS The Norm And NOT The Exception

What issues are these?

Well, a recent survey found that 75% of Democrats (according to a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation) support Crazy Bernie’s $34 trillion nationalized healthcare system—a system that would be more expansive than government-run healthcare systems anywhere else in the world.


And that’s not even the SCARIEST statistic.

Also consider the fact that 86% of Democrats (according to Kaiser Family Foundation) back Sanders’ version of AOC’s ridiculous Green New Deal – a plan that would throw $16 trillion down the drain in an effort to “decarbonize” the country—and worse, would hand control of almost EVERY aspect of the American economy over to Sanders and the federal government!

On immigration, it’s almost as bad…

As 77% of Democrats (according to Gallup) have a negative view of ICE and support Bernie’s plan to abolish the agency.

Why We Should FEAR Bernie

As far as the Second Amendment goes, 85% of Democrats (according to Gallup) back a national gun registry…

Which would let the federal government know exactly where each and every gun is kept so that they can confiscate them all on the off chance that it becomes tyrannical.

Even worse? Over 70% of these same Democrats (also according to Gallup) support mandatory buybacks of “assault rifles”—meaning they’re willing to disarm Americans with a MANDATORY government program even though they don’t even know what an “assault rifle” actually is.

It’s crazy…

But the scariest stat of all?

Sanders—a self-avowed socialist that lives like a capitalist and has the heart of a communist—has a favorability rating among Democrats that’s through the roof, coming in at a whopping 71% (according to a Monmouth poll).

It’s this extreme shift towards these radical ideas that should be what worries conservatives. This is the invisible face of the monster we’re up against…

And it’s bigger than we were led to believe.

This is why we need to be getting the word out there, hitting the streets, and drumming up support wherever we can…

Because if we’re not careful, we could find ourselves under the jackbooted heels of a socialist government.


“Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters.” ― Stephen King