Man, it’s a shame to see what’s happened to California.

One of the most naturally beautiful states in the union, California was once the shining jewel in America’s crown.

When you look at the state, from north to south, it has so much to offer. The views of the Pacific are some of the most breathtaking vistas in our country, if not the world. Driving down the PCH is one of those experiences that will make you understand why it’s the most populated state in the US.

However…California also has one of the worst problems our country has every faced.

And while you may think that problem is homelessness, overcrowding in urban areas, or the state’s penchant for earthquakes, you’d be wrong.

The worst problem that California is LIBERALISM. The state is overrun by an overwhelming number of Liberal politicians, and they control almost ALL of the state’s governing bodies.

Liberals have absolutely decimated the state where the economy is bigger than most nations around the globe…

And they’ve damaged it so much that people are leaving in droves, seeking freedom and employment, which they’re finding in states like Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

Crisis In California

The people of California KNOW they’re in trouble, which is why there is a recall effort going on there as they try to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office.

The state is broken…

And if the pandemic has taught Californians ANYTHING, it’s that, if they’re going to pull themselves out of this dreary hole of progressiveness, they’re going to have to change something.

Enter Major Williams.

Williams, a Conservative GOP member running for Newsom’s office as California governor, believes he has the keys to making California great again—and it starts with basic Conservative principles that have been known to work and help states not only survive, but thrive.

What are those principles?

Well, in Williams’ three-pronged attack, if he were to win the gubernatorial race, he would like to: eliminate state taxes, make the Golden State pro-Second Amendment, and implement public/private partnerships to efficiently solve common issues that Californians face.

Or, as we like to call it, The Florida Method.

On a recent podcast, Williams told the host about his plan to bring in revenue: “Another component that we’re going to work towards is eliminating state taxes. And people say, ‘How are you going to do that?’ Well, there is a model that exists, that we’re going to create a tourist tax.”

It’s almost like Williams is taking a “California first” approach…

Which worked WONDERS for America when Trump was in office and doing the same thing on a nationwide scale.

How Putting “California First” Could Save The State

“We get over 279 million tourists a year,” Williams explained. “Even if we lose 20% of them, because they don’t want to pay an extra 10-20% tourist tax, that’s still more revenue than the tax if we eliminate it for the state tax, which would be an incentive to small businesses to thrive or even to be created. That means more jobs, that means more funds towards our economy.”

As far as business is concerned, Williams wants to bring these BACK to his state instead of running them off like his predecessors have.

Williams said, “Due to regulations, restrictions, and red tape, we are literally running businesses off saying, ‘We don’t need you.’ And so, we have those three different components in place, which, in hindsight, it’s going to create a ripple effect. And how we’re going to do those things? As I said, it’s going to start with the forensic audit, understanding where our wasteful spending is, and use those certain stimuli.”

Eliminate wasteful spending…

Such a novel idea.

“You know, for small businesses and for other programs, I don’t believe in defund the police department,” Williams explained. “If they wanted to — if they need funding for certain programs, that’s what those wasteful funds will be allocated towards also, so we can eliminate that conversation.”

So far, so good…

But how does Williams feel about American’s right to bear arms?

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Williams said, “When [Liberals] understand the foundations of the essence of the Second Amendment and gun owner and rights, it’s truly to protect yourself and your family. And it’s something that our Founding Fathers understood, right? That’s a part of our Constitution, that’s part of our constitutional rights. And so for me, I also look at it as a deterrent. People have no idea how, psychologically, a legal gun owner state is a deterrent. If you see a cafe, you know for a fact if you’re thinking about robbing a cafe, 12 of those patrons, at least six of them may be armed, on top of the actual owners, right? And so psychologically, it’s a deterrent. I feel like a gun state is a safer state.”

Me too, Major… me too!

This guy seems to have a lot of the right answers…

But the question is: Will Californians actually vote for him?

We can only hope they do. The state needs a change, that’s for sure…

And Major Williams could absolutely be that change.

Let’s hope the state that gave the world Ronald Reagan comes to its senses.


“California is a place of invention, a place of courage, a place of vision, a place of the future. People who made California what it is were willing to take risks, think outside convention and build.” – Nicolas Berggruen