I didn’t think the mainstream media could sink any lower. After years of their biased coverage and Trump-related hysteria, I thought they had reached their lowest point.

Shame on me for doubting them. They have shown that there is no limit to how far they can lower the bar of basic human decency, so nothing should surprise me anymore.

Their response to the airstrikes that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani has been appalling. They appear to be in mourning over the death of a man that was responsible for hundreds of American deaths in Iraq over the past sixteen years. If Obama would have taken out Soleimani, the media would be singing a different tune.

The media hates Trump so much that they are spinning the story to make him look like the bad guy in this situation. President Trump killed Soleimani to save the lives of Americans in the future. They should be thankful for what he did and be celebrating his success.

There are many American journalists currently in Iraq, I presume. During his life, Soleimani wouldn’t have hesitated for one minute to kill an American journalist. It is ironic that they are trashing Trump when he just made life safer for them when they travel abroad.

I doubt they stopped to think about that. Their hatred for Trump clouds their ability to think rationally. I am old enough to remember when both parties—the media included—would have celebrated the death of a thug who made the killing of Americans his mission in life.

We live in troubled times and can’t bond together to defeat a common enemy. That doesn’t bode well for our present and future national security. It should be easy to come together and celebrate the killing of an enemy of America.

However, the Democrats and their allies in the media refuse to put America first.

Here are few examples of the media prioritizing Iran over their own country:

  • NPR had reporters on the ground covering the “historic day” of the general’s funeral, attempting to dispel claims that the grief on display in the streets of the Iranian capital was in any way “coerced” by the authoritarian regime.
  • Michael Barbaro of the New York Times highlighted the “amazing images and audio” from the NPR team. Several hours earlier, Barbaro posted a bizarre podcast interview with Times reporter Helene Cooper in which Cooper lamented that the U.S. military was “tragically … very good” at killing people.
  • ABC News’s Martha Raddatz donned a (mandatory) headscarf and walked among the “massive and emotional” crowds of mourners. She declared that the Iranian people were “united against America.
  • The Associated Press published a touching piece on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s “rare display of emotion” at the funeral of the terrorist general “with whom he shared a deep bond.” The AP noted that the Iranian despot’s “voice cracked under the weight of the moment” as he “cried openly” while “mourning the death of his friend.”

How touching. The evil, genocidal, American-hating Ayatollah displayed emotion for his fellow American-killing friend.

These people are seriously disturbed.

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel tweeted a quote he claims was given to him by a Democratic congressman. He tweeted,” You need two crazy leaders to start a war, and fortunately, Iran doesn’t have one.”

Wait, so Trump is the crazy one? The Ayatollah is sane? Well done media, well done.

And they wonder why conservatives despise them and some refer to them as “the enemy of the people.” It is reporting like this that makes Americans not trust them. They have given us no reason to think otherwise.

Reporters at NBC, ABC, and CNN reported glowingly of Soleimani at his funeral and even tried to tug at peoples’ emotional chords when the Ayatollah cried at the casket of his dead friend.

These people have no shame. Trump was right to take Soleimani out. Trump is right, the media is wrong.

As usual…