Let’s be honest: COVID-19 gave the Democrats the exact opportunity they needed in order to seize the White House. Like a bunch of rats, they were able to tunnel in from all different directions and now it looks like they’ll just take over. Nobody with actual power wants to take the allegations of fraud seriously, and the Dems are going unchallenged.

They used the fear of the pandemic to scare voters away from showing up at the polls. That gave them a built-in excuse for how Biden lost at the voting booth but had a way to still win the election.

We know why, obviously…

They want Trump gone—and they don’t care if they have to cheat to do it.

However, it’s important to understand which states are responsible for what is shaping up to be the most fraudulent election in modern American history.

Six states in particular had an incredible amount of mail-in votes which after closer inspection, seem to be more and more questionable as time goes on.

For example, USPS truck driver Jesse Morgan held a press conference in which he talked about his truck in New York being loaded up with 280,000 ballots bound for Pennsylvania?

His statement was very telling because it shows that, if fraud wasn’t being committed, then the USPS has severely changed their procedures when collecting mail.

For that reason, it makes sense that this man has a lot of questions.

Pennsylvania was one of the six states where mail-in-votes turned the tide in Biden’s favor.

More than 2.6 million mail-in ballots were cast and, of those 2.6 million, 75% of them were supposedly cast for Biden, which statistically doesn’t make sense.

Traditionally Red state Georgia turned Blue this election – all based on the strength of the mail-in ballots.

However, there is newly-obtained footage that shows secret ballots being pulled from under a table and being counted once the GOP reps were removed from the counting room.

In Michigan, over 5 million people voted in the 2020 presidential election…

But the vast majority of them—3.3 million, to be exact—were cast through mail-in-ballots.

While this number does seem exorbitantly high, with the severe lockdown restrictions put forth by Gretchen Whitmer, it not unthinkable to see that low of a turnout when you’re living under tyranny.

Three Down… Three To Go

Then there’s Wisconsin, where Biden is currently winning by just 20,000 votes.

For the state that supported Trump in 2016 to all of a sudden turn Blue at the last possible moment raises a lot of questions—namely how many of those mail-in-ballots are legit and how many are artificial padding.

Then, finally, we have two states in the west that, even today, are clouded in controversy.

In Nevada, where just 33,000 separate Trump and Biden, the Trump campaign has had to overcome the universal ballot system the state lawmakers put into play this year.

Every resident got a mail-in-ballot. Even with this happening, one of Trump’s lawyers, Jesse Binnall, presented evidence recently that 1,506 votes were by dead people, 42,284 double ballots were cast, about 20,000 out of state voters, and 2,468 voters had changed their addresses to another state.

And get this…

Judge James Russell dismissed the lawsuit claiming “lack of evidence.”

How is this “lack of evidence” if it’s literally being PRESENTED?

That brings us to one of the closest states still in the race: Arizona.

Just over 10,000 votes separate the two candidates there – and even as state representatives try to have the process halted in order to conduct an investigation, another judge, Randall Warner, has refused, saying that “there is no evidence that the inaccuracies were intentional or part of a fraudulent scheme. They were mistakes. And given both the small number of duplicate ballots and the low error rate, the evidence does not show any impact on the outcome.”

So, Judge Warner is an investigator now?

How would he know what kind of impact the evidence shows?

These are the six states that are responsible for the mucked-up election of 2020—and mail-in-ballots in these states were the key to making it such a mess.

The systems weren’t ready to handle the kind of stress the Democrats forced upon the USPS…

And that might be something the Left was counting on.

Was it by design or a happy accident?

We may never know…

But either way, it seems to be working out in the Dems favor – and that could make December 14th the saddest day in American history.


“Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice, and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families.” – Benjamin Rush