So much for the failing “defund the police” movement Los Angeles County officials complied with last year which resulted in slashed police budgets, and now surging crime.

Without heavy police presence, crime has skyrocketed in the inner city, causing residents to become fed up with the city’s liberal policies and seriously concerned about their personal safety.

But the sheriff has a conservative solution.

In crime statistics released Wednesday by LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, homicides have surged by 95 percent in 2021 compared to the same time period in 2020, according to Fox reporter Bill Melugin.

Grand theft auto has also increased by 40 percent, arson by 22 percent, aggravated assault by 12.9 percent, and rape by 7.8 percent.

Melugin posted the statistics on Twitter which the sheriff said are a result of “less cops, more crooks, less consequences.”

Villanueva said in April he believes the increased crime is a direct result of the radical Leftists that want “to defund the Sheriff’s Department and they want to listen to the mob who is demanding defund the police,” Newsweek reported.

LA County’s Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 0 to defund the LAPD by more than $145 million in June 2020 in the aftermath of the George Floyd race riots.

“Every single move is taking away vital law enforcement services that is going to hurt people,” Villanueva said at the time.

Now that the budget cuts have taken effect, Angelenos are suffering the consequences.

However, Sheriff Villanueva refuses to let them go defenseless despite a weakened police force.

He announced during an Instagram live Wednesday night that he will be issuing more concealed carry permits to Californians for the purpose of self-defense. Concealed carry permits have been historically notoriously difficult to come by in the liberal state.

“Sheriff Villanueva said LASD will not move to a shall issue standard where ‘anyone who can fog a mirror’ gets a CCW, but LASD will be increasing staffing to process ‘good cause’ CCW permits in recognition of increasing danger to public,” Melugin reported.

This is great news for all Californians who are endangered by the Left’s radical policies that abandon the safety of law-abiding citizens. It’s even better news for the tens of thousands of Californians who purchased a firearm for the first time in 2020 amid record-breaking gun sales nationwide during the pandemic.

By mid-July 2020, the golden state saw at least 110,000 new firearm purchases, 47,000 of which were by first-time gun owners, a UC Davis study found.

The university added that according to their survey of 2,870 adults in California “worry about multiple types of violence for oneself increased during the pandemic,” contributing to the firearm purchases.

Now, with the sheriff’s latest policy change on CCW’s, more Californians will be empowered to defend themselves amid the movement to defund law enforcement.