Exactly how Lori Lightfoot managed to get herself elected as Mayor of Chicago is ANYBODY’S guess.

But watching the body count of those murdered on her streets climb by double digits almost every weekend, one has to wonder how the people of the Windy City haven’t stormed her office and demanded her immediate resignation and prosecution for her role in the city’s decline.

It really is puzzling how the citizens of cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Portland, New York, San Francisco, and other great cities that have fallen into chaos and poverty continue to vote for the same leadership that has killed what made them great.

You would think that there would be a mass shift in political persuasion the further down the s**thole these cities travel…but for some reason, they keep voting Blue, and it’s completely baffling to those of us on the outside.

However, of all the mayors in all the cities, Lori Lightfoot may be the absolute WORST of the entire bunch…

And that’s really saying something when you keep in mind that Portland’s Ted Wheeler and New York’s Bill De Blasio are on that list too.

Lightfoot’s Lack Of Progress Or Improvement

Chicago has been in disarray ever since Lightfoot took over.

Every single weekend, her city sees double-digit homicide numbers—and that’s not an exaggeration. Literally every weekend, over a dozen people are shot, stabbed, or otherwise murdered on the streets of Chicago—and Lightfoot has done NOTHING to stop that number from rising.

Of course, handcuffing the police with Leftist policies of non-interaction plays a big part of that…and on that reason alone, Lightfoot should be run out of town on a rail.

I think the situation that best captures how low of a human being Lori Lightfoot is would be her response to the George Floyd riots.

When the rioters were destroying the shopping district and the downtown area, Lightfoot didn’t raise a finger to help those who were affected by the burning and looting. But as soon as the protests hit HER street and started happening in front of HER house, she put her foot down and called in the riot squad.

That’s what kind of person Lightfoot is.

She’s also the kind of person that REFUSES to do interviews with White journalists. She just won’t do it.

We have a word for people like that: racist.

Racist Lightfoot’s Strange Declaration

Lightfoot is a racist, plain and simple.

But even so, she somewhat ironically declared that racism in Chicago is a public health crisis and allocated no less than $10 million in COVID relief funds to fight it.

If you’re sitting there scratching your head trying to make sense of Lightfoot’s latest move, you’re not alone.

If she were to simply save $10 million of wasteful spending and just resign, that would go a LONG way to fighting the racism that is found within her city.

What urged this idiot to make this move?

Well, earlier this week the city health department released data that showed Black Chicagoans live on average 71.4 years while non-black Chicagoans can expect to live 80.6 years.

But as the stats show, this isn’t racism. It’s mostly genetics and food choices.

It’s not racism that is killing people every weekend with guns…

It’s the choices these people are making.

That’s not what Lightfoot thinks, though. As she explained, “When we think about racism, many of us think about its visible and audible forms, but the reality is, the insidious nature of systemic racism has other impacts that are every bit as deep and harmful but are often ones we can’t see, like impacts on the psyche and other impacts on our bodies that are just as, if not more, deadly. Ladies and gentlemen, it is literally killing us.”

Is it?

Because as far as it’s been proven, there isn’t one overtly racist law or on the books that anybody can point to.

Not one.

Our guess is that she’ll be handing the money over to friends (possibly friends who work closely with BLM) and this “public health crisis” BS is just a way for her to kick some of this money down to her supporters.

And all so they can kick some back to her.

Lightfoot is killing Chicago—and if the citizens aren’t careful, they’re going to help put the bullets in the gun that does the deed.

Here’s hoping they wake up to the truth and are able to save their city from the clutches of a woman trying to destroy it.

Stranger things have happened.


“It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago-she outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them. She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.” – Mark Twain