The inevitable has happened amid continuing lockdowns bleeding American families dry of money in their pockets. Americans across the country have gone hungry due to a deficit of available work.

Sadly, the Democrats don’t care.

If they did, they would have set politics aside to pass a bipartisan stimulus package before the holidays…or they would have simply reopened the states they control, allowing for millions of people to go back to work.

But unfortunately, they seem perfectly satisfied letting tens of thousands of men, women, and children go hungry at Thanksgiving this year.

Americans from coast to coast, from California to New Jersey, are lining up at food banks to get help in feeding their families days ahead of the holiday, according to Wednesday reports.

In Northern California, food banks are reportedly expecting to see 3,000 more households come for assistance, which is more than triple the number of families they usually serve, KTVU says.

North Texas Food Bank workers said they have handed out more than 8,000 meals to families in need, in contrast to years past where less than 1,000 households have requested meals, Dallas Morning News reports.

Even CNN reported that cars lined up for several miles to wait more than 5 hours to receive food aid in the tiny state of New Jersey.

According to The Providence Journal, the amount of people facing food insecurity in Rhode Island hasn’t been this high since the Great Depression, with 25% of people reporting that they are unable to provide food for their families.

The chief executive officer of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, Andrew Schiff, told the outlet that the only solution to the massive lines they are seeing is another coronavirus relief package.

“I don’t think we’re going to get through this unless Congress approves another COVID-19 relief bill,” he said.

“We’re coming up against that moment when bankruptcy, eviction, and hunger” plagues the country, Schiff said.

While thousands of people are going hungry, Nancy Pelosi must be quite comfortable in her San Francisco mansion eating $40 ice cream while stalling coronavirus relief talks.

TheseLleftists are the most morally depraved individuals to ever walk the halls of Congress and it’s a shame that it is the American families who have to suffer.

As a Thanksgiving note to you all reading this on FreedomWire, I highly encourage everyone to donate to their local food banks to help those in need. It’s the least we all could do while our elected officials would rather let people starve than provide them relief.