Welcome to the Dark Ages of America…

While we have everything we could ever need, we’re slowly but surely losing more and more freedoms on public forums.

Not only are companies like Facebook and Twitter doing whatever they can to censor Conservatives voices, but they’re doing so now without fear of reprisal from the federal government.

Now, we know the argument…

Facebook and Twitter are private entities. They don’t have to adhere to the US Constitution like the government does. They don’t have protect your freedom of speech; they don’t even need to give you a platform to speak from. So, when it comes to trying to keep our voices from being silenced, we don’t necessarily have a legal leg to stand on.

However, that doesn’t mean Big Tech gets to do whatever it wants…

And that SURELY doesn’t mean that their bias and underhanded tactics get to steer an election to suit their own goals. But as we’ve seen just this week, they’re getting more and more comfortable doing it, flagging Conservative content they disagree with as “misinformation” while allowing Leftists to say whatever they want.

It gives the Left this illusion that their side is on the side of truth and compassion while the Right is about corruption and greed.

This couldn’t be further from the case, but because Big Tech is in control, it’s hard to shake that label.

This is DANGEROUS, especially during an election cycle, and it could affect the outcome more than all those Russian bots did in 2016.

The Lion ROARS!

That’s why Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Senate Republicans have decided to take these companies to task, subpoenaing them and bringing them before the Senate Judiciary Committee – starting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The Lion of the Senate said, “In the last two days, we have seen a remarkable development. We have seen big tech, we’ve seen Twitter and Facebook actively interfering in this election in a way that has no precedent in the history of our country. Yesterday, the New York Post broke a story alleging serious corruption of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden concerning Ukraine. The allegations in the New York Post story, if true, indicate that Vice President Biden lied when he said that he had never discussed his son’s business dealings.”

You’d have to be blind not to see that, but we’re glad that Ted is shining a light on this dangerous situation.

Ted continued, “That story, once the New York Post broke it, was blocked by Twitter and Facebook. Anyone who attempted to share was prevented from sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. The New York Post itself, when it attempted to put out its story, was blocked on Twitter and Facebook. The New York Post has the fourth-largest circulation of any newspaper in this country. Never before have we seen active censorship of a major press publication with serious allegations of corruption of one of the two candidates for president. That was last night. This morning the story escalated and got even worse. The New York Post broke a second story of a series of emails that indicate yet more corruption; in this instance, the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from communist China government officials.”

It’s true…

More and more details are coming out about the emails found on Hunter’s laptop.

This could be ACTUAL, tangible evidence of what Trump has been saying for years!

The Lion Is Ready To FIGHT!

Ted finished with this, “Just minutes ago, I tried to share that story on Twitter and Twitter is actively blocking, right now this instant, stories from The New York Post alleging corruption and the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from communist China. This is election interference and we are 19 days out from an election. It has no precedent in history of democracy. The Senate Judiciary Committee wants to know what the hell is going on. Chairman Lindsey Graham and I have discussed this at length and the Committee today will be noticing a mark-up on Tuesday to issue a subpoena to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Friday, to come before this Committee and the American people and explain why Twitter is abusing their corporate power to silence the press and to cover up allegations of corruption.”

That’s right, Lion Ted…


Show those Leftists that real patriots aren’t going to stand around and let them manipulate voters into handing this great country over to the destructive Left.

It’s time to take a stand…

And the Lion’s feet are firmly planted!


“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” – Vernon Howard