How the mighty have fallen…

When the Never Trumper-led Lincoln Project first raised its ugly head, many Republicans and Trump supporters were confused by its motives. Trump had done such a great job while in the White House that we thought the party would unite behind him for 2020.

We were wrong.

The GOP members who make up the Lincoln Project have some kind of personal vendetta against the former president.


Becasue they feel that Trump’s agenda did not align with the Republican Party

However, what these idiots didn’t realize is that, just as the Democratic Party has gotten more radicalized, the Republican Party has become more based. Trump’s agenda wasn’t more far-Right than what they wanted; he just refused to move Left.

That’s what the Lincoln Project wanted.

Like the Democrats and the GOP before Trump, they wanted the party to continue moving Left towards the new “center”…but they ran into an anchor named Donald Trump.

When you see that over 70 million Americans voted for Trump, you have to understand that it means the REAL Republicans wanted Trump’s brand of Conservatism.

That effectively killed the momentum of the Lincoln Project and left them dead in the water.

Lincoln Project SCARED Of Trump

Now that Trump is starting to move again, he’s getting noticed once more, and with whispers of a 2024 run on the wind, the Lincoln Project is getting nervous. In fact, the higher-ups are in panic mode because, to them, there isn’t a worse scenario than Donald Trump in charge of America for a second time.

So, they’re scrambling, and in the process, they’re finding out that they’ve lost a LOT of their audience. Their only REAL supporters where RINOs and Liberals…and with Biden in charge now, that audience doesn’t really care anymore.

The Lincoln Project is getting nervous, and they’re looking for any kind of support they can find…

So, they’re reaching out to the scum of our country: the terrorist organization ANTIFA.

No, that’s not a joke or an exaggeration. This is 100% real—and they even made an actual commercial where they compare ANTIFA to the Americans who put it all on the line during World War II.

Here’s what the ad says…

“Who is Antifa? They stormed the beaches of Normandy, parachuted into the French countryside, and gave their lives to face down and fight back against fascism. They took down Nazi machine gun nests, tore apart the third Reich’s strongholds, liberated concentration camps, liberated France, Italy, Belgium, Holland. Anywhere Antifa saw fascism, they fearlessly and relentlessly annihilated it. Fascism was defeated because of patriots like these, proud Americans who knew that the fight against fascists was not simply a battle between opposing nations, it was a war against inhumanity, a war that isn’t nice, but cannot be lost, a war we still fight today.”

You can see it here…

It’s disgusting…

And anybody who is directly involved with politics and thinks that ANTIFA is anything short of the militant arm of the Democratic party is either really stupid or lying.

There is no in between…

We know what they are…and who they work for.

Comparing them to those of the Greatest Generation that sacrificed so much for the United State is the single most disrespectful thing to ever come out of this PAC—and that’s really saying something.

Antifa wages war against our OWN, targeting innocent Americans, undertaking terrorism against civilians and government agencies, assaulting journalists and police officers, burning and looting American businesses…

Simply put, they’re not heroes.

They’re cowards who only get courage from their anonymity in a crowd.

The Lincoln Project should be ashamed of themselves…

But knowing the way the Left has infected their brains, they’re probably proud of this.

They just lost any amount of credibility they had with any anti-Trump GOP members…

So at least something good has come of this.


“Fascists, Antifa attacked me, and an all-black police force in Philadelphia, and they claim to be fighting racism.” – Candace Owens