When popular rappers in the entertainment industry start to go public with how detrimental a Joe Biden presidency would be to America—and their wallets—you know the Democrats have a big problem on their hands.

Biden’s policies are so unpopular that three famous rappers—all of whom aren’t particularly political—have endorsed Trump over the past week.

Most recently, rapper Lil Pump ranted on his Instagram story about his disdain for Biden’s tax policies, then issued a complete endorsement for President Trump.

In Lil Pump’s profanity-filled rant, he said, “All I gotta say is Trump 2020, b****.”

What do, “I look like paying a extra 33 in tax for Biden…” he said slamming Biden’s tax policy. “F*** sleepy Joe…Trump 2020, b***,” the rapper exclaimed.


But his endorsement didn’t stop at a boisterous rant.

Despite immediate internet backlash, Lil Pump posted a doctored photo of him shaking hands with President Trump at the White House with a caption, “THE DAY I MET TRUMP #trump202022020,” he wrote.


20-year-old Pump is the third in a slew of rappers to come out in support of the president’s re-election bid this month.

Just last week, rapper Waka Flocka Flame took to social media to fight back against Trump-bashers. On Thursday, Waka Flocka suggested he thinks Trump is a better president than Obama.

On a post from DJ Akademiks showing Obama slamming Trump during a Biden campaign event, Waka Flocka responded “guess I’m a clown” to a commenter who suggested Trump supporters are clowns.


Of course, the internet immediately exploded to the news, attacking Waka Flocka’s pro-Trump comment.

Liberals similarly melted down at 50 Cent’s glowing endorsement for the president last week as well.

50 Cent heavily endorsed the president, “VOTE For TRUMP” several times after seeing how Joe Biden’s tax plan would affect the wealthy.


Finally, Trump’s message is resonating beyond the “race war” narrative the media wants us to believe this election is about. Despite the news media and most of Hollywood wanting us to think Trump is “literally Hitler,” Americans are waking up to see that this election is not about race. It’s about socialism versus freedom, high taxes versus low taxes, empty promises versus promises kept.

In their own way, these rappers are expressing this in their endorsements and support for President Trump.

Hopefully, they inspire young people and minorities to go beyond what the media is telling them and actually look into the policies and accomplishments of Trump and Biden because the difference is clear. One candidate wants to work to improve life for Americans by lowering taxes and reopening the country and the other wants to choke them to death with high taxes and economic depression. It is urgent that we re-elect President Trump to restore freedom and economic success.