It’s been MONTHS since the mandatory lockdowns put MILLIONS of Americans out of work in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. At the time, it all made sense…well, at least if you listened to the mainstream media. They hyped this virus (which, according to all known stats, has a 99.97% survivability rate) into the next coming of the Black Plague.

To many Americans, the lockdowns just didn’t make sense even at the beginning. Traditionally, you lock down those most susceptible to catching the disease and quarantine those who’ve been exposed or actually contracted it.

What you DON’T do is lock down a whole country and freeze its economy simply because you’ve been whipped into a frenzy by the talking heads on TV.

But that’s EXACTLY what happened.

Millions of Americans have been holed up inside their homes for the better part of two months, all so we could ensure that our hospitals weren’t overrun by infected like the European countries that got swept up in the pandemic.

“Flatten the curve” is what they said…

“Flatten the curve and we can begin to open up again.”

We’ve Done What You Asked! Now, Keep Your Promise!

Well, we’ve done exactly that…

But now, some elected officials—mostly those on the Left—have been trying to move the goalposts. Now, instead of “flatten the curve,” they say “we need a cure” and a “we need a vaccine.”

And they won’t lift the lockdown until that happens.

That would all fine and good if the virus didn’t have a 99.97% survival rate…but it does. Waiting for a cure is like putting up hurricane shutters for a sun shower.

The governors of states like California, New York, and Michigan are all extending their lockdowns in a “woke” attempt to show how much they care about the lives of their citizens.

Meanwhile, people are running out of money and don’t know how they’re going to put food on the table. Their stimulus money ran out WEEKS ago—assuming they even got it to begin with—and they still can’t go back to work.

On the flip side, many Republican-controlled states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas have started the reopening process, allowing their citizens to safely get back to work and start making money again.

Of course, these decisions have been LAMBASTED by the mainstream media. They all said it’s too early to reopen, and that it would spike cases and our hospitals would be overrun…

Except that’s not the case.

In these three states (FL, TX, and GA), cases have CONTINUED to go down, even though they started opening up nearly three weeks ago…

And that fact is driving Liberals CRAZY!!

The Left Is Mad That People Aren’t Dying By The Dozens

If you look at social media, you’ll see that there are people GENUINELY disappointed, angry, and upset that the “experts” were wrong. People aren’t dying in droves the way they said they would, and for some reason, that’s got the Left riled up.

Posts like, “You must be an idiot if you’re clamoring to go eat in a restaurant or swim at the beach,” or “Darwinism at its finest” are all over the internet…

And when you show them that cases are STILL going down, their answer is always the same: “well, let’s see what happens in two weeks.”

We’re now in our THIRD week of reopening, and the doom-and-gloom prophesizing of a second and third wave of infections just isn’t coming true—and they’re ANGRY about it.

They’re angry because they’re starting to realize they backed the wrong horse on this issue, and it’s made them look stupid in the process.

And since they won’t apologize or admit they were wrong, they’re just going to stay angry and whine about it on Facebook, calling those that venture outside “stupid” or “ignorant”.

You almost couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. People ANGRY and DISAPPOINTED that their fellow Americans aren’t dying by the hundreds.

Any time you see something like this, you should be grateful. If their side is actively wishing death on people, it lets you know that you are absolutely on the right side of this issue—and also the right side of history itself.

We get to sleep soundly KNOWING that to be true…

How well do you think THEY sleep?


“A society of essential oils and self-esteem has replaced a society of logic.” ― Ben Shapiro