Texas and Florida are seeing an unprecedented influx of people who are moving to their wide-open states from the Liberal “utopias” like California and New York that they were living in before.

As a Floridian (yes, I’m a transplant from Buffalo, NY, but I’ve lived here for 41 years), I can’t stand this mass exodus. It’s brought a bad element into my state.

That bad element?

Easy: Liberals.

I can’t tell you how many more New York license plates I’ve seen over the past few months—and their poor driving habits and terrible manners have been driving me nuts.

Now, I’m assuming they’re Liberals if they’re from New York – and that’s never a good thing. Assuming things, as we all know, is never good or even very accurate.

But when I see a Biden/Harris or Bernie sticker in conjunction with said New York plate, it’s pretty safe to assume that the driver is an all-around idiot.

T-shirt companies have even taken to printing up shirt designs that denounce this migration as well, with slogans like, “Don’t New York My Florida” popping up everywhere, and a Texas version of that sentiment exists as well.

And with good reason, as these people come here and want things to be like their old home—even though that’s not how this works.

Entitled Californian On His Texas Move

This was highlighted when a California sales exec penned an Op-Ed for Business Insider listing the things he wished he considered before moving his family.

And as you would guess, it’s full of entitled Liberals bulls**t.

Brett Alder moved his family from San Diego out to Austin, Texas, about five years ago, but he moved back when he and his family realized that moving to a state as free as Texas was a mistake.

That’s exactly what Alder calls the move to Texas: an “expensive mistake.” He learned that, with the lower income taxes in Texas, comes what he describes as a “Conservative dystopia,” and moving back to California was a lot harder, seeing as he had to pay a LOT more to get back in than when he got out.

Alder went down his list of things, one of which was a “monoculture that doesn’t seem to be aware of its own blandness.”

The rest was made up of things like the weather, lack of public land, no interesting destinations, YELP being no help to his delicate sensibilities, and a military-culture in the schools and sports…

Oh, and “cedar” allergies.

This man sounds as soft as baby poo…

But what do you expect from somebody that’s a part of the Big Tech machine (Alder is in the semiconductor business)?

Migrating Libs: Don’t Screw Up Your New State

Like many people, Alder left California for the freedoms of Texas…

But like many people who have spent most of their existence with their hands bound, he felt uncomfortable with the abundance of liberty.

Alder said, “A lot of people, including myself, move from California to Austin because of the hype and the perception that California and Austin are reasonably comparable in lifestyle. My family and I found that to be far from the case.”

My response to that statement?


We’re glad that Austin isn’t the Liberal haven that so many have been making it out to be.

Texas is the state it is because it doesn’t bow to control…

It didn’t bow to Santa Anna…

It barely bent the knee to the United States when it became a part of the union…

And it refuses to kowtow to the Liberal mobs invading its borders.

Let this be a lesson for all the Liberals whose mass exoduses are bringing them to states that bucked the Liberal ideal…

Don’t go to these states and look for what you had. You will not find it.

If you’re moving to these states, come with an open mind, something to add, and the Conservative ideology that made these states awesome to begin with.

Leave your entitled, Liberals attitudes in the states that forced you to look for greener pastures in the first place.

Don’t change where you’re going to be like where you were…

Adapt. Change. Be free.


“If a team has been winning for too long, they do tend to get a little complacent, a little entitled and then they don’t win the championship anymore. California has been winning for too long.” – Elon Musk