Why is it that everything liberals do has to be reduced to the color of skin?

It seems that nothing can ever be accomplished on merit these days…

Whether you’re good or bad — seems to all depend on your race.

You can see it every time you open any one of the “news” stories that your friends share on social media — the deed itself, whether good or bad, often gets overshadowed by the race of the person doing it.

Even worse…

If something happens between two people of different races — forget about it — that’ll be the reason for whatever incident occurred.

“Black Waiter Serves White Patron Wrong Food” becomes the headline instead of “Man Gets Wrong Food Order With Engagement Ring Surprise.”

It’s terrible, actually…

Because we all know what this is: A shameless shill to get the reader to read the story.


Sensationalism sells. Racism, sexism, bigotry — all sell because many people are looking to be outraged — they want to be able to point to a headline and scream at their neighbor, “See?! Racism is REAL! It’s running rampant and needs to be stopped!”

In the immortal word of Sgt. Hulka from the Bill Murray movie, “Stripes,” “Lighten up, Francis.”

Why is it that liberals always seem so angry?

Oh, their excuse for their hatred and anger will often be something along the lines of, “We should all be angry at the amount of inequality and bigotry that’s going on today!”

And they’re right…

We should be angry about it — when it happens.

We shouldn’t allow injustice, bigotry or abuse to happen on our watch — it’s not just our duty as an American to call these kinds of things out. It’s our duty as decent human beings to make sure people know that their terrible behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop.


That’s not how the left sees it.

To them, if something negative happens between two people of color — it’s racism.

If something happens good and you happen to be white — it’s because of white privilege.

If you’re a person of color and something bad happens to you — it was probably racism — that’s just the way it goes.

Unless, of course, the shoe is on the other foot…

If something good happens and you’re a person of color — it happened because of your merits and hard work.

If something bad happens to you and you’re white — good, because if you were a person of color — it would be even worse.

The Left wants to rail against the injustice and inequality of the world so badly that they’ll actually create scenarios simply for the chance to do so — it’s a terrible trend.

We saw it played out last month with the whole MAGA beating hoax perpetrated by Jussie Smollett — who is now facing 16 felonies for his terrible acting job.

We have enough hate in the world…

We don’t need to fabricate more.

We have also seen this same strategy being used, almost daily, against President Trump…

Because he’s taking a hard-line stance against illegal immigrants — he must be a racist — because only a racist wouldn’t want these poor and destitute people to get a chance to succeed in America’s land of opportunity.

One of the craziest forms of this fabricated outrages has been Trump’s actions and attitude toward the 1989 assault and rape of the Central Park jogger, Trisha Meili .

Trump was outraged…

After the assault, five young black men were arrested in connection to the crime, and Trump took out a full-page ad decrying the crime and hoping for stiff penalties.

Now, the men were eventually freed, as the true perpetrator confessed — and even after learning this fact — Trump refused to apologize.

The Left says that his actions and lack of remorse for campaigning to get these men punished — prove he’s a racist — instead of a staunch opponent of crime.

It’s important to note, that Trump never once alluded to the race of these gentleman — just the fact that they were initially arrested for the crime and should pay the price if found guilty.

Think about that…

You can’t be a proponent of the punishment of the crime, if you’re white and the alleged perpetrator is black — as the Left assumes that your stance is due to racist qualities.

It’s absolutely bonkers…

Even crazier? Their own heroes aren’t immune to this…

As Beto O’Rourke is finding out now, after announcing his candidacy for the presidency.

The hardcore liberals are taking his demeanor and the words he says to be nothing more than “white privilege…”

That the only reason he feels he was “born to do this” is because he was born white, and therefore is entitled to all the extra rights and privileges that come with that distinction.

Yes … that last part was sarcasm.

If you were Beto — what would you think?

Here you are, the poster boy for the Democratic National Committee — getting all kinds of press and attention for how progressive you are, and how good it’ll be having a seasoned, yet compassionate, politician in the White House…

And all that being talked about is your “white privilege.”

It must be driving him nuts…

Well, if there’s anything you can say good about the Left — it’s that they’re consistent.

They’re equal opportunity outragers…

So, if you do something wrong in their eyes, regardless of what side you’re on — expect hate and ridicule.

One could only hope that the left sees that their outrage at these fabricated outrages aren’t helping heal out nation…

One could only hope that they come to understand that by always expecting or looking for hate, racism and bigotry — they’re going to find it.

Even if it’s just made up inside their heads.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.