Liberals can’t handle dissent. Many of them would rather call conservatives names like racist, sexist, homophobic, and climate-deniers than actually debate policy.

They also have another tool in their toolkit: Boycotts.

A segment of cry-babies on the Left have taken to boycotting businesses and commentators they disagree with.

They have called for boycotts of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others by petitioning their advertisers to pull ads from their programs.

However, all those commentators all are still on the air, so you can see how well that’s been working.

Members of the Left have called for boycotts of Chick-fil-A, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, and other businesses for their conservative political leanings.

Last time I checked, all three are still in business.

The Chick-fil-A boycott backfired on the liberal activists. Long lines of cars passed through drive-thrus at Chick-fil-As around the country.

Another Leftist fail.

Now liberals are at it again, this time in Michigan. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson by now.

Their boycotts clearly don’t work.

Popular Michigan Restaurant Chain Boycotted by Liberals for Support of Trump

Anna’s House is a popular restaurant chain in West Michigan. They offer a unique menu full of delicious items. (I know this to be true because I am originally from the area and have eaten there many times.)

Fox 17 News in Grand Rapids, MI reported on the story. They stated, “Anna’s House has eight locations across the state with signs advertising ‘Voted #1 Breakfast in Michigan’ but now, hundreds of Facebook and Reddit users are posting they will no longer be eating at Anna’s House after seeing a Federal Election Commission filing detailing its political contributions.

According to the FEC, Anna’s House Corporate, LLC has made two $2,800 donations to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. One contribution is for the primary election, the other is for the general election. Anna’s House is also listed as giving $15,000 to Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee. All three contributions are dated on April 2, 2019.”

A 30- year-old named Doug Chu saw a screenshot of Anna’s House partial FEC record on Wednesday and shared it to his Facebook page. It’s been shared hundreds of times, mostly by people upset to learn about the restaurant chain’s support of the president.”

But this isn’t the first time a West Michigan restaurant chain has been threatened by the Leftist mob.

Nothing New For Leftists

During the 2016 election campaign, the owner of a local pizza establishment posted a pro-Trump message on his Facebook page.

He, of course, was threatened by members of the Left.

Fox 17 News reported, “The owner of a pizza restaurant on Alpine Avenue says he continues to see success after posting a pro-Donald Trump message on his restaurant’s Facebook page.

Doug Fricano made the post over the weekend, showing his support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and calling Democratic candidate Clinton ‘corrupt and a ‘liar.’”

Fact check: True.

The story continued: “Since making the post, some Democratic Party Facebook pages have been calling for a boycott of Fricano’s. But Doug Fricano tells FOX 17 that business has been great. They’re here because they support me. They support that I said what I believe in.”

I can attest to the success of his business following the Facebook post. When I still lived in Michigan, I dined at his establishment to spite the Democrats calling for the boycott.

Recently, there have been other planned boycotts throughout the country.

The Daily Wire reported, “In August 2018, a Houston Tex-Mex restaurant, El Tiempo Cantina, was targeted by anti-Trump partisans after the co-owner posed for a photo with then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The restaurant was immediately inundated with protest from anti-Trump Houstonians, who posted their outrage alongside the hashtag “BoycottElTiempo.”

Another case involves a BBQ chain in Texas. reported, “After Rep. Joaquin Castro published a list of 44 Trump donors from San Antonio, Texas including Balous Miller, owner of Bill Miller BBQ restaurant chain, Bill Miller BBQ then became a trending topic on Twitter, with some vowing they will boycott the barbecue staple.”

Time and time again, liberals try to boycott conservatives, but they rarely succeed in making a real impact.

Hopefully, Anna’s House will withstand the Leftist onslaught and thrive.

I know where I will be eating next time I’m back in Michigan!