How many times do we have to tell the world before it actually sinks in?

The Left doesn’t really care about Black lives.

Oh, they care in the way a parasite cares about its host. Their existence depends on the health of the host organism—but as far as the actual lives are concerned, the Left as a whole doesn’t really care.

What do they care about?

Well, at one point, it seemed they cared about giving the world a collective hug while trying to end hunger, misogyny, and child abuse…

But that’s all a cover.

The Left doesn’t really care about any of this stuff. The hugs they’re ready to dole out are hiding the knife that they’ll use to stab whoever accepts them in the back.

They don’t care about the cause…

They care about how the cause can forward their agenda—and their agenda is nasty business.

It’s Not About The Cause – It’s About the Effect

They want to destroy democracy. They say they want Socialism – but that’s a lie…

Lenin himself said the goal of socialism is communism, so that means ANY socialist you meet isn’t what they say they are. They’re masking their true intentions with a HINT of democracy.

The truth is far darker than the lies they tell.

FreedomWire has been on the path to expose these lies and show the world just want these Leftists are really about…

But the truth just isn’t sinking in for a lot of people.

That’s ok…

There’s video proof of it, and it’s important to watch.

Now, we started this off talking about Black lives and how they really don’t matter to the Leftist mob – but while that’s easy to say, it’s much harder to prove…

Unless you pay attention.

What you’re about to see are a couple of videos of a few guys that have had enough of the violence that is going on in their city of Portland, one of America’s biggest hotbeds of political unrest.

In the videos, these two compassionate people trying to stop the Leftist mob from working themselves up into a frenzied state and destroying more public property and casing federal agents to discharge rubber bullets and tear gas.

Oh, and it’s important to mention that the two men are black and they’re speaking to a mostly white mob.

The problem?

The mob begins to attack them both physically and verbally in an attempt to get them to step aside so they could get to the business of destruction.

It’s Not About The Movement – But About The Momentum

It began with an impassioned speech by one of the men…

But the Leftist mob, being a Leftist mob, didn’t care. They ignored one of the black lives they’ve been screaming about in order to carry through their true agenda…

Chaos and destruction.

A few moments later, they simply acted like these two men weren’t there, then even assaulting one of them so they could attack the courthouse.

It’s funny how they don’t think their agenda will get out…

But you can see it plain as day on this video.

They don’t care about the BLM movement; they care about pushing their Marxist ideology in order to create a NEW and more dangerous society…

One that’s more akin to Russia during the USSR days.

They don’t care about the movement, just the momentum of the protests…

And you should remember this whenever you see white liberals screaming “black lives matter.”

But guess whose side the mainstream media is on.


“I wholeheartedly agree that many media ‘standards’ can feel disingenuous or, in fact, be a cover for less-than-honest behavior.” – Ryan Holiday