Have you ever tried to understand a liberal?

Meaning, have you ever tried to enter into the kind of headspace that would allow you to understand, or at least conceptualize, the kind of thinking that makes a liberal, well, a liberal?

Most conservatives would balk at something like this…

Probably say something like, “Why would I even waste my time trying to understand crazy?”

To those people, I’d say that it’s imperative to understand the way a liberal thinks because you can’t defeat an ideology until you understand it completely.

Chinese military general and master of war, Sun Tzu, once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

So, to defeat your enemy, you must first KNOW your enemy.

Getting into the mindset of a leftist isn’t a mystery or all that hard if you understand a few of the ground rules…

First rule? Success is bad — but only if you’re a conservative.

If you’re a liberal and are successful and wealthy, you deserve it. You must be doing something good for a lot of people, or at least you will when you get to the point where you can just start giving away your intellectual property and fortune to the less fortunate.

If you’re successful but a conservative — well, you lied, cheated and manipulated your way to the top. Stepped on the heads of those less fortunate than you and probably view minorities as slave labor.

The second rule? If it affects the smallest segment of the population, it’s an important cause to fight for.

Are you a half-black, half-Indonesian Muslim who’s also LGBTQ and can’t get a cake made celebrating your female cat’s civil union to your neighbor’s female dog at your local bakery?

If so, then it’s time to riot! Or … at the very least, protest.

Forget the fact that the bakery serves the other 99.9987% of the population. If you can’t get your cake, let’s engineer a boycott.

Rule three? If it comes from Trump, it’s BAD!

No. Matter. What.

If Trump finds a way to put almost a TRILLION dollars into the pocket of minorities (which he just did), then the only reason he did it was because he was FORCED to do it by his handlers.


Now that you understand the ground rules — and you can now enter into the mind of liberal — you can now understand what their biggest problem is.

Have you figured it out yet?

If not, I’ll go ahead and tell you…

Once I do, it’ll be so obvious, you’ll probably face palm yourself for not thinking about it before.

The biggest problem with liberals today comes down to one simple thing…

They’ve forgotten what it means to be an American.

They’ve lost sight that what makes an American an American is the fact that we don’t like other people telling us what to do!

It’s somehow imbedded into our DNA that the moment somebody starts telling us what to do, we immediately want to do the opposite…

King George III found that out the hard way by trying to impose his unfair taxes upon the American people.

Americans will accept rule and law — if it makes sense…

If it doesn’t, expect a fight.

This is something that has rung true throughout the 242-year history of our country…

If you want a rule or a law to stick, it had better be logical and make sense.

That’s where liberals have made a wrong turn.

They’re so busy trying to micromanage social justice that they’ll create rules and laws that just don’t make sense — or are just plain-out ludicrous!

Let’s take gender misidentification…

Did you know that in California, mislabeling or failing to use an individual’s preferred pronouns could lead to a hefty fine — or worse, actual jail time?

It’s 100% true…

Only in California can you legally kill your baby but get arrested if you misgender it.

This just doesn’t make sense to conservative Americans…

Nor does the attack on the Second Amendment.

To a conservative, the Second Amendment isn’t about protecting our hearth and home from outside invaders; it’s about making sure our government knows that the people are who hold the power, and it’s our job to keep tyranny in check.

According to the Second Amendment, regular American citizens should have access to the same weapons as our law enforcement and military to ensure that tyranny can’t run rampant.

Going after the guns of legal and law-abiding gun owners just doesn’t make sense! It’s the wrong thing to do to the wrong kind of people.

But they’re going to try anyway — even though victims of mass shootings are less than 1% of all the gun deaths in America.

To REAL Americans, when things don’t make sense, we rebel against them.

The colonials did it in 1775…

The South did it in 1861…

Martin Luther King did it in the early 1960s…

It’s what Americans do when they’ve had all they can take.

Rebelling is as American as baseball and apple pie…

Maybe even more so, because Americans are easy to please — don’t tell us we need to comply with stupid laws or rules. That’s it.

Try to make me use made-up pronouns or give up my guns even though I’ve broken no laws or force me to pay MORE than our fair share of taxes and you’ll see EXACTLY what it means to be an American.

Don’t push us…

Unless you’re ready to be pushed back.


“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” — Samuel Adams