Is there a more divisive subject right now than abortion?

While this has always been an issue between the Left and the Right — the Left has not caught onto the concept that this doesn’t really have to do with the fact that is has religious overtones — and more to do with the protection of the child’s rights as an American.

But it’s heated up over the past few months as states are now going to the extreme — one way or another…

In New York — abortion is now legal up to the DAY of the birth — regardless of the reason.

In Alabama — abortion is now 100% illegal.

That seems to be the way of the world now — extremes.

With states going to the extreme — you would think that Georgia’s decision to sign the “Heartbeat Bill” into law would be tame by comparison…

But with Hollywood getting behind the pro-choicer’s train — the state’s ties to the movie industry are putting it front and center in the national spotlight.

From the beginning — pro-choicers have been saying that the child inside the mother isn’t a child — that it’s just a mass of cells that doesn’t have thoughts and feelings.

They’ve taken to calling it a “fetus” rather than a “baby” or a “child”…

Of course, they can never answer the question that if it IS only a fetus or a mass of cells — why then, when a pregnant woman is killed, is it that the person responsible for the death can be tried on TWO counts of murder?

That one makes their heads spin…

But what would you expect?

A SHIFT in Their Way of Thinking

However, when it comes to labels, there’s been a shift…

A disturbing shift in the way that pro-choicers think about whether it’s a “baby” or a “fetus.”

What’s promising is — they’re changing the label from “fetus” to “gestator” — which may or may not be a step in the right direction…

However, what’s disturbing and disgusting is the fact that they don’t care.

Feminist Sophie Lewis echoed this fact in a recent interview, where she said that, “We tend to say ‘abortion is indeed very bad, but’ … or we say, ‘luckily it’s not killing, luckily it’s just a health care right.’ We have very little to lose when it comes to abortion and I’m interested in winning radically.”

Yes … you heard that right, she doesn’t really care about what’s right — just winning….

And not just winning — but winning radically.

But she goes on: “Abortion is, in my opinion, and I recognize how controversial this is a form of killing. It is a form of killing that we need to be able to defend.”


But it gets worse. “I am not interested in where a human life starts to exist, I see the forms of making and unmaking each other as continuous processes. The other end of the spectrum is the process of learning how to die well and hold each other and let each other go at the end of our lives, as well as at the beginning.”


How can an unborn child LET go of somebody? They are alone. And will remain alone till they die at the hands of a doctor.

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get ANY Worse…

It’s important to note that this absolute nut bag sees that the CHILD is the one meting out the violence to a woman doing “gestational work” — which is term the Left has made up to take the power away from the word “pregnant.”

This is the part that is TRULY disturbing, but important to hear because this is how these people think.

Lewis continues, “But looking at the biology of the hemochorial placentation helps me think about the violence, that innocently, a fetus metes out vis-à-vis a gestator. That violence is an unacceptable violence for someone who doesn’t want to do gestational work.”

And this line seals the deal on their absolute craziness…

“The violence that a gestator (baby) metes out to essentially go on strike, or exit that workplace (the womb) is an acceptable violence.”


How one could EVER see the beautiful act of being a mother as some kind of job where the boss can terminate the “work agreement” at any time is just coldhearted and completely ridiculous.

But that’s the direction these absolute wackos are going.

Things are just getting too insane…


“I am disgusted and worn out with the system that seems to prevail.” — John Buford