Have you ever gone to a party where everyone is a having a good time, only to have that one buzzkill friend show up and ruin the fun for everyone? Well, that is the Left in today’s culture. We were all having a great time with this thing called America until they started pushing social justice in every aspect of culture. The Left has unleashed war on fun itself.

Whether it be sports, movies, music, or even casual dining, the Left won’t allow us to simply sit back and enjoy our favorite pastimes any longer.

Take football, for example. Sundays used to be a day where Americans could rest and relax while watching grown men with helmets and pads hit the living crap out of each other. We could all just spend the day forgetting about work and politics and other stressors in our life.

Then came Colin Kaepernick. He knelt for the National Anthem (for rather dubious reasons), kicked off a movement that made him tons of money, and then the rest of the League joined him.

We couldn’t go one game without seeing the players protest, and it came across like we were being lectured about social justice causes. In the wake of the George Floyd killing, social justice warriors have been on a rampage that has infiltrated the NFL once again, and other sports leagues have fallen too.

Just this past weekend, week one of the NFL season saw players either kneeling for the National Anthem or simply refusing to leave their locker rooms until the Star-Spangled Banner was played.

Not surprisingly the ratings tanked because, come to find out, Americans don’t want politics mixed with their sports. Who would’ve thought that? Shocker!

Similarly, in Hollywood, politics reigns supreme. It is no longer sufficient to produce an entertaining film. The film must now be woke and advance social justice causes. The Oscars recently announced that award nominees will be based more on “diversity” of cast and crew than on the quality of the film. It is harder to watch films these days and not think of the actors’ personal politics. Take Robert De Niro, for example. De Niro can’t shut up about his hatred for Donald Trump. Any opportunity he gets to put down Trump, he does. During the Tony Awards a few years ago, he came on stage and simply yelled, “F**CK Trump!”

Wow, what an intellectual argument. Well done, Bob. Political commentary doesn’t get more thoughtful than that. De Niro is just one in a long series of fantastic actors who have ruined movies for many of us because of their vile, hateful disregard for those with whom they disagree with.

In the music industry, wokeness has forced country acts to change their names. The Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum have both caved to the mob and changed their names because words like “Dixie” and “Antebellum” apparently conjure up images of a bygone era of racism and slavery.

Rock stars and other musicians take to the stage and unleash vile expletive rants against President Trump and his supporters. I have never understood how rock stars, who are supposed to be against “the man” and hate authority, can be such supporters of big-government programs that literally have the force of law behind them. There is no bigger “man” than Uncle Sam.

Even casual dining isn’t immune from social justice messaging. Chick-fil-A is another example. The chicken chain is the most well-liked fast-food chain in America, but their owners are Christians, and therefore they hate gay people…or something like that.

The Left staged boycotts and years of pressure campaigns against the restaurant, until this past year Chick-fil-A finally gave into the Leftist mob and announced they wouldn’t be giving to Christian charities deemed controversial by the Left.

The Left won’t be content until every single aspect of life is focused on nothing but politics. Sadly, they are winning the culture and are destroying the civil society. Conservatives need to fight back before we lose our country.

As Andrew Breitbart once said, “Politics is upstream from culture.” It’s time we started taking an active part in the culture war before that stream is polluted forever.