Do you know the best thing about science? It’s very rarely set in stone.

The very nature of science.

The reason that area of study exists is to question the world around us and figure out why things are they way they are. Everything is meant to be questioned.

Just because a scientist comes to a conclusion doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly a law.

Scientists question and experiment on “settled” scientific findings all the time—and you know what? Sometimes, they figure out something new…

Which is why it confuses many on the Right when the Left immediately defaults to “believe the science!” whenever we discuss the response to COVID-19.

This seems illogical to us, because the Right fully believes in science…

Our problem is that the virus is so new that there haven’t been enough studies done to come to a place of where it could be considered “settled.” The fact that the Left just swallowed what was dished out by the government didn’t sit well with us.

The Very Nature Of Science Is Often “Change”

If we “followed the science”, we’d never have worn the masks…especially now that we know that Dr. Fauci KNEW masks would be ineffective against the virus. His emails even explained that the virus particles were too small for standard masks to filter out

However, Leftists called us idiots and science-deniers because we didn’t trust each and every thing that was coming out about the virus—especially with regard to treatments for it.

We saw what happened to Trump when he suggested hydroxychloroquine could help stave off a bad infection. He was dragged across the coals and accused of literally trying to kill people.

When a doctor would come out with a cocktail of drugs that went against what experts like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx were suggesting, they were labeled a quack almost instantly. In some cases, a doctor’s personal religion was even brought into the conversation as a basis for criticism, even though their science had NOTHING to do with their spirituality.

Science Changes…But Does The Climate?

But the Left’s science denial goes beyond that.

Look at climate change.

The Left says that manmade climate change is killing our planet, and they’re doing their best to convince everybody that we only have a few years left to live if we don’t reverse course

Yet, they can’t tell us exactly how much man is affecting the climate.

Neither do these doomsayers live like they believe what they’re pushing. They travel around in private jets and expensive, diesel-powered boats to get to where they’re going instead of flying commercial.

The Right doesn’t deny that the climate is changing; we simply question our role in it and want that question answered.

Biology Is Out The Window

How about the question of sexuality?

The Left now says that there are dozens upon dozens of different genders and that sexuality is a social construct.

Yet, when a biologist jumps into the conversation and blows their theory out of the water, all of a sudden that person is a bigot for denying people’s right to exist.

What about the fact that we can see gender with our own eyes and that gender distinctions goes all the way down to our chromosomes while viewed under a microscope?

Who’s denying science here?

All the evidence points to that fact that the Left is the party of NON-science—and they truly don’t seem to understand what science is in the first place.

Science is simply the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of things. That’s it.

It’s a tool…

It’s not absolute.

It’s a process with which we learn the truth about the world around us and like all things…

Sometimes that truth changes.

That must be why we see so many Liberals changing their tunes on the Wuhan lab leak. That particular “conspiracy theory” is the most likely explanation of a planet-wide pandemic…and now that Trump’s gone, they’re willing to admit it.

Change is the only constant, ladies and gentlemen.

Science simply measure it – and you can bet that the Right knows that.



“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.” – Jules Verne