Warning: If you’re a toe-the-line GOP member that will apologize for their actions (or inactions) no matter what, STOP READING THIS. You won’t like what you’re going to hear and it might just raise your blood pressure.

            But for all those that truly claim to have the best interests of our country at heart…keep reading.

I’m pissed…

Actually, I’m DOUBLE pissed, AND I’m disappointed to boot.

I’m pissed that the Democrats made the entire GOP look like chumps during the Texas freeze crisis.

I’m pissed that the Republicans sat on their hands doing nothing…

And I’m disappointed that even a crisis in our own country gets turned into a political debacle instead of something we can use to unite with our political adversaries and truly help people.

That being said, I’m mostly pissed.

AOC and other Democrats converged at a Houston food bank on Saturday, handing out food and supplies to the citizens of Texas…all while Ted Cruz tried to escape to Cancun and Governor Greg Abbot wanted to blame renewable energy sources for the power outages that have left 4 million in the dark and killed at least 10 people.

For the record, AOC is a New York Congresswoman. She doesn’t even represent the people of Texas…

Yet, there she is, sleeves rolled up and working while the GOP sits around and does nothing.

AOC Serves Texas BETTER Than The States Own Senator

But here’s the kicker…

Not only was AOC out and about in Texas helping the citizens of that state get what they need during the worst cold snap in over a century, but she and Beto O’Rourke raised over $5 million to help these people as well.

How does it make you feel to see your side getting outworked when it matters most?

And while this is going to hurt me deeply to say, Beto has been a ROCKSTAR ever since the freeze really started to affect the people of Texas.

While Ted Cruz took the first flight to Mexico, Beto was organizing call centers to check on the elderly, setting up supply stations for those in need, and raising cash to help the freezing people of Texas get what they need.

Simply put, he was acting like the Senator that Ted Cruz should have been.

In the beginning, I was defending Ted…

I was telling Liberals online  “What do you want Ted to do? Go out and plow the roads?”

But then, I started thinking about it.

Could you imagine the headlines that Ted would have gotten if he actually started plowing the roads? Or towing neighbors’ cars out of snowdrifts? Or anything OTHER than getting on a plane to Mexico?

We’re ALL Chumps By Association

Ted Cruz should have been the FIRST out there to help—or maybe second, right behind Governor Abbot. These two men could have really done some good, made a difference, and changed perceptions of the GOP.

Instead, some of the country’s worst Leftists made them look like chumps.

And unfortunately, in today’s politically charged age, it makes anyone on the Right that supports these two men or their ideologies look like chumps by association.

I will tell you this: If the Democrats continue to outwork us where it matters—out there, with the people in distress—and we continue to do nothing but talk tough, we will LOSE this culture war.

We will lose and lose badly…

And the worst part is, we’ll have NOBODY to blame but ourselves.

The Dems didn’t do anything that the Republicans couldn’t do, but they actually got off their ass and did it.

Sure, Cruz is sharing pictures of him doing all kinds of outreach now, but it all seems fake because he got caught abandoning the people of Texas when they needed his leadership the most.

This isn’t how Conservatives are supposed to act.

We’re supposed to be leaders, not cowards.

We need to be better…

Because if we don’t, we will lose our country to people that rank freedom lower than safety or PERCEIVED social injustice.

Is that really the America you want to live in?


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi