There’s no doubt that the different ideologies of Left and Right are so diametrically opposed that it’s hard to see them ever finding the common ground needed to advance our country forward.

The Left’s ideology can’t allow things to stay the same, and the Right can’t accept a move towards socialism…

So, as a country, we’re at a standstill—though maybe it’s more of a Mexican standoff than a standstill because there’s no way this ends in victory for either side.

If things continue down this path, there’s really only ONE outcome: a violent upheaval that will destroy the core of this country, maybe even ending the American dream in the process.

The Left has already talked about their plans to riot and otherwise get violent if Trump wins re-election.

In fact, we even have some prominent politicians CALLING for it, so it seems what the country has been going through since the end of May is but a prelude of things to come. According to many sources, Trump is cruising towards another victory in November.


It’s not the issues…

If it were simply JUST the issues that America is facing at the moment, Trump’s campaign might be in danger even though he created one of the most prosperous economies of all time.

Why The Democrats Will LOSE

The Democrats won’t lose on the issues, and they won’t lose on their lack of policy either. The Left doesn’t give one flying hoot about Joe Biden’s policies, and that’s why he doesn’t really have any.

No, the Democrats are going to lose for the simple fact that they’ve embraced the lawlessness that has taken hold in some of America’s biggest cities.

The mayors and other city officials—who are almost ALL Democrats—are letting the mob rule the streets, and the riots, destruction, vandalism, and looting are destroying businesses and even taking lives.

But the majority of America doesn’t want to accept this as the country’s new normal, so the Left has been losing support ever since they embraced an anti-police, pro-destruction, and pro-violence platform.

They insist that these are protests, but they’re not. Protesters don’t destroy property, rob other citizens of their belongings, or take the lives of others.

All that is EXACTLY what’s been happening since the uprisings over George Floyd’s death.

It’s been bad…

But it looks like things will be getting worse from here. Now, we even have academics coming out to support this lawlessness as well, and they’re crossing a line into dangerous territory.

Recently, a University of Rhode Island Professor named Erik Loomis went on record with an attempt to JUSTIFY the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the Trump supporter who was shot dead in Portland simply for the pro-Trump clothes he was wearing.

How did Loomis rationalize this murder?

The Left’s Rationalization Of MURDER

In a blog post titled “Why was Michael Reinoehl killed?” (Reinoehl is the man who allegedly shot Danielson and was in turn shot and killed by federal authorities when they tried to arrest him), Loomis said, “Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week. He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him. Well, now the cops have killed him.”

“Killed a fascist”. That’s a weird statement about somebody Loomis didn’t even know—but then again, the Left believes anybody that disagrees with them is a fascist, so it sort of makes sense.

But he continued into the crazy sphere: “I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him. The police is shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors.”

Looks like Loomis spelled “rioters” wrong right there at the end…

But the only dead protestors are the ones that were killed at the hands of ANTIFA and BLM….

Loomis continued, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective. Tactically, that’s a different story.”


He sees nothing wrong with the killing of another human being? Regardless of the victim’s political beliefs, no murder is justifiable.


And these are the people who are supposed to be the “cooler heads” we hope will prevail?

This is the kind of person that is teaching our kids?

He’s a radical – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

This is dangerous territory, but it’s exactly why they’re going to lose in November.

America is a nation of laws…

And voters will prove it on November 3rd.


“The most dangerous criminal now is the entirely lawless modern philosopher. Compared to him, burglars and bigamists are essentially moral men.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton