If there is anything that we know about how the Left operates, it’s that they follow the Joseph Goebbels model of propaganda: accuse your enemy of what you’re guilty of doing yourself.

We’ve seen them do this NUMEROUS times since BEFORE Trump was elected president.

While the Left, Deep State, and Democratic establishment accused the president with working with Putin to win the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton and the DNC worked with Russia through ex-British spy Christopher Steele to get dirt on the president in order to win the election.

They impeached Trump for “bribing” the Ukraine to investigate the Biden family, but Joe Biden sat on a stage and bragged about leveraging the previous Ukrainian administration into covering up his corruption in the first place.

While the Left loves to point to a 2005 private conversation between Trump and Billy Bush about grabbing women in what most consider “locker room talk,” Joe Biden has actually been accused of a credible sexual assault that just seems to have been ignored.

So, there’s a long trend of the Left LYING in order to make Trump look bad, dumb, or hateful.

He’s not any of those things…

And yet they keep telling the same lies over and over—and according to their MO, it must mean that the Left is guilty of all that too.

So let’s look at these accusations and see what they’re talking about.

“Trump Is A RACIST!”

How many times have you heard this lie?

What’s their evidence of this? Well if you ask them, they’ll ALL say the same thing, “He called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and called white supremacists ‘very fine people’ – that racist!”

Well, if he did do those two things, we would agree. That would be racist behavior—but in truth, he didn’t do EITHER of those things.

He didn’t call Mexicans rapists. He said that the illegal immigrants that cross the border have a HUGE criminal element to them, and some of those criminals are rapists. It wasn’t a comment on the people of Mexico as a whole…

But his words, as always, were taken out of context in order to create a racist narrative. Why? Because the Left have nothing else to pin on him but false accusations—and you can’t prove somebody is NOT a racist.

Same thing for the Charlottesville comments.

When Trump said there were fine people on “both sides,” he was talking about the people who just wanted to oppose the tearing down of a historical memorial, not white supremacists who showed up and committed acts of violence.

How do we know that? Because he’s denounced them MANY times, and he did so in the same speech as “fine people” remark, but the Left locks onto that ONE sound bite because it plays into their narrative.

“Trump’s A Fascist!”

It’s obvious that the Left doesn’t understand what a fascist is.

If they did, they wouldn’t call Trump one. He’s done more to give power back to the people than any president since Reagan.

He’s not a dictator…

He’s a manager. He puts people in place to do specific jobs and if they do them correctly, everybody wins. He doesn’t want that power for himself.

He wants people to make the right decisions to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If they do what’s expected, they stay and perhaps get moved up. If they don’t, they’re gone.

He doesn’t want the ultimate power…

He wants people to do the tasks assigned. That’s what happens when you put a businessman in charge of the country—you get efficiency, not fascism.

But the Left is too blinded by their hate to understand this simple fact.

Which brings us to our third big lie…

“Donald Trump Is A SEXIST!”

This one truly makes no sense…

For years, Trump has leaned on the strength, intelligence, and business savvy of his daughter, Ivanka – so much so that he may trust her more than he trust his sons, Eric and Don Jr.

However, recently, a new hashtag has started trending: #TrumpHatesWomen

Now, the Left could make the argument that Trump’s trust in Ivanka has more to do with nepotism than him being pro-women…

But couple that with the fact that Trump’s administration has had more women in higher positions of power than ANY other administration before it and you have some pretty solid evidence that Trump doesn’t hate women.

In fact, he seems to trust their judgment way more than Barack Obama ever did.


Why do the Liberals continue to perpetuate these lies?

It’s simple…

They have nothing else BUT lies.

There is not one shred of proof for any of the things they accuse Trump of doing or being – so they have to make things up.

He’s the most vetted and scrutinized president in US history…

The DNC and the mainstream media have tried to dig up dirt on him for four years—and the GOP spent two years doing the same. Illegal FISA warrants allowed him to be spied on and Mueller investigated him for another year and a half.

You know what they got?


Because Trump is CLEAN…

Too bad they can’t say the same.


“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Vladimir Lenin