“America is not a racist country.” This was a statement proudly pronounced by Senator Tim Scott—a Black Republican and the only Black senator—following Joe Biden’s speech to Congress last week.

As soon as he started speaking, heads on the Left exploded. Liberals online and in the media released a torrent of vile, racist, and insulting attacks against Senator Scott, essentially calling him a token Black Republican and the Uncle Tom apologist for Republican racism.

In fact, “Uncle Tim” was allowed to trend on Twitter for over 12 hours following Scott’s Biden rebuttal speech, and the insults and hatred have continued unabated ever since.

Writing for Newsweek, Jonathan Tobin wrote, “talking heads derided the senator as speaking as if he ‘were from another planet’ or talking ‘nonsense’ or, as The View‘s Joy Behar insinuated, too simple-minded to understand BLM dialectic about ‘systemic racism.’ The following evening, liberal comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked Scott for being the only black Republican senator—even though there are only two among the Democrats. Kimmel claimed the only explanation for Scott’s claims about racism was that the senator lived in a ‘sensory deprivation egg.’”

And those are mild compared to other attacks against that are too vile to reprint here.

It is astounding how self-unaware many on the Left are. They attack Scott for defying their narrative by essentially saying he, as a Black man, is too stupid to see that they are right and he is wrong.

They will do his thinking for him and will educate him because they know what is best for him.

And the Left does this all the time.

Taking voting rights, for instance. The Left complains that voting laws in states like Georgia—laws that simply seek to ensure the process is fair—are racist.


Well, because black people are incapable of obtaining a voter ID, registering to vote, transporting themselves to the polls, or delivering their absentee ballots to a drop-off box that isn’t in their neighborhood. They are equally incapable of registering and voting without the help of their churches when voting is held on Sundays.

This is incredibly racist, and the vast majority of people who make these claims are White liberals…as are the people currently calling Tim Scott a “race traitor.”

They howl about systemic racism without being able to buttress their claim by pointing to actual laws that bar Black people from having the same Constitutional rights as White Americans.

But they would say that is because racism has gone underground in the modern era. It’s all about “racist dog whistles” now. Only White racists hear this whistle, and it functions as a call to arms for White people everywhere to coordinate together to ruin the lives of Black people.

You see, racism is inherent in the hearts and minds of white people. Just because there are no laws that are racist doesn’t mean that White people aren’t racist.

The aptly-named New York Times columnist Charles Blow expanded on this absurd claim further when he wrote, “American racism has evolved and become less blunt, but it has not become less effective. The knife has simply been sharpened. Now systems do the work that once required the overt actions of masses of individual racists.”

And if a White person claims that they aren’t racist, that is in fact further proof that that person is racist. Denial of racism is proof of racism because only a racist would have to deny it. If that White person goes even further and claims that they have Black friends, that is even more proof of their internal racism because, as Shakespeare once wrote, they “doth protest too much, methinks.”

There are even people on the Left that have suggested that White Americans voted for Barack Obama and Kamala Harris to hide their racism. By doing so, they could sacrifice one vote to throw Black people a bone by electing Black people to the two highest offices in the land.

Wow…just wow.

But the only conspiracy theorists who exist are on the Right, gang.

But for all the hatred, Tim Scott is correct. America isn’t a racist country. There are some individual racists, but the country overall is not racist and there are no laws or systems designed to keep Black people from living freely in the United States in 2021.

To claim otherwise is to disgrace the honor of the brave men and women who fought so hard for civil rights, and some even paid the ultimate price for the noble cause.

If the Left wants to see the face of modern racism, they should look in the mirror.