I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the state of our country lately (I mean, that is my job as a writer), and something dawned on me: the Leftist mob is made up of lots of sinister people.

Now, you might be reading this and saying to yourself, “yeah, Ryan, tell me something I don’t know.”

You are right to think this, but when you actually stop to think about how diabolical their plans are for remaking not only the country but all of Western Civilization, it is truly astounding how dark it really gets.

There is no rhyme or reason for their end goals. They don’t really have any semblance of a picture of how their utopian society will look like at the end of their long game.

In the words of Alfred Pennyworth from the movie The Dark Knight, “some men just want to watch the world burn.”

The radical Left is hell-bent on tearing down our institutions brick by brick, and so far, they are putting a big dent in those institutions.

They have had a discernable impact on nearly every institution in the culture. Government, sports, film, Big Tech, casual dining, Big Business, and even church all have the stench of the mob reeking from their pores.

That stench is now a fact of everyday life in America, and at least some Americans are beginning to fight back. For the first time in recent memory, I have hope that we can win this ideological culture war. I have taken solace in the parents across the country attending school board meetings to deride schools for teaching the racist critical race theory.

Americans who weren’t paying attention have now been awakened to the sinister plans of the radical Left. A sleeping giant has begun to stir.

But is it too late? It is if we think that way. Pessimism is self-fulfilling and will eventually lead to defeat, which is why we have to rise above it. We have to think positively and remember that there isn’t one major crisis that our country hasn’t been able to overcome.

The radical Left wants us to bow our heads in despair and lash out in anger because ultimately that is how they win.

Imagine how awful it must be to live a life where your life ambition is to tear down an existing system, a system that deserves to be celebrated, not destroyed.

America is the freest, most prosperous nation in the history of human civilization, even with its many flaws.

And yet the radical Leftists have devoted their lives to eradicating this nation. In order to do this, they have had to concoct a plot to convince different classes of Americans that they are victims. They preach that each group is being held down by the rich, the white race, or the religious establishment and have no hope of succeeding in life until these people are made to suffer and are reprogrammed to understand that they are responsible for all the evils of society.

That is dark. No hope, no happiness, no fun. Life isn’t worth living because America is a repressive nation.

If that is what life is going to be, then count me out. Who wants to live with that frame of mind?

Life is too precious, too short, too meaningful to waste feeling angry, resentful, and depressed. There is so much more to life than victimhood.

I pity the people that wake up every morning feeling this way.

I have been reading Mark Levin’s new book American Marxism. (Sometime soon I will write a review of the book), and in it, Levin quotes from Eric Hoffer, who 70 years ago described today’s cultural Marxist movement in his own book, True Believer.

I haven’t read any passage as profoundly prescient about today’s Marxist movement than what Hoffer wrote decades ago. That passage is worth quoting here:

A mass movement attracts and holds a following not because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation. People who see their lives as irremediably spoiled cannot find a worthwhile purpose in self-advancement…. They look on self-interest as something tainted and evil; something unclean and unlucky. Anything undertaken under the auspices of the self seems to them foredoomed. Nothing that has its roots and reasons in the self can be good and noble.

Not only does a mass movement depict the present as mean and miserable—it deliberately makes it so. It fashions a pattern of individual existence that is dour, hard, repressive and dull. It decries pleasures and comforts and extols the rigorous life. It views ordinary enjoyment as trivial or even discreditable, and represents the pursuit of personal happiness as immoral…The prime objective of the ascetic ideal preached by most movements is to breed contempt for the present.”

And that is the Marxist mob in a nutshell. Hoffer pegged these people decades before most of them were born.

They are sinister people, and we can never forget that. We are the ones who are the happy warriors who love this country and will push back against these intellectually and morally bankrupt groups.

And unlike them, we will do it with a smile on our faces. Because life is too short to “watch the world burn.”