You want to watch a liberal’s head explode?

Tell him that Donald Trump is doing something — anything — and they’re likely to pop an aneurism right in front of you.

Did you see how the Left reacted when Trump presented Tiger with the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

It was glorious…

Here are some of the best responses to it:

“@TigerWoods you know that you do not deserve that medal. It is pathetic that you would even go to the white house during this administration. signed No Longer a Fan”

“Has the medal of freedom meant any less then when 45 is giving it to Tiger? #NotMyPresident #TigerWoods #ImpeachDonaldTrump”

“@TigerWoods just lost a whole lot of respect for you watching you dressed as mini @realDonaldTrump”

Those are just of the general “hate” variety…


But these here are some of FreedomWire’s favorites — we’ll tell you why in a second.

One woman wrote, “Please someone tell me what the hell has Tiger Woods done for this country that he deserves the highest honor that can be given by the president to a civilian in the United States? This is what we’re dealing with in this Administration win The Masters and you get the honored.”

But that’s not the best. New York Times op-ed writer Paul Krugman smugly wrote, “I’m old enough to remember when Presidential Medals of Freedom were given for showing courage and making sacrifices on behalf of the nation and the world. Tiger Woods … hits golf balls for money.”

Here’s what we absolutely LOVE about these two leftists’ tweets…

They both call into question Tiger’s credentials and accomplishments as to why he’s receiving this medal.

All right, Paul…

You’re old enough to remember when Medals of Freedom were given for showing courage and sacrifice on behalf of America?

Let’s see…

Paul was born in 1953 — putting him at 66 years-old…

Since he’s been 18 — the age one should start becoming interested in politics — here’s a list of some of the notable winners per president. Maybe Paul could espouse their courage and sacrifice.


A List of “Worthy” Recipients

Nixon gave Medals of Honor to big band leader Duke Ellington and movie director John Ford.

LBJ, the paragon of Democratic change, gave it to both Walt Disney and Bob Hope, as well as composer Aaron Copland.

Jimmy Carter gave it John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, as well as dancer Lucia Chase.

But let’s go more modern….

We’ll skip your favorite Republicans like Ronald Reagan and both Bushes — and we’ll just look at your DNC faves — Bill Clinton and Barry Obama.

Ol’ Slick Willy gave the Medal of Freedom to actress Martha Raye and Hollywood agent Lew Wasserman. He also put it around the necks of businessmen like Lane Kirkland and David


Probably looking to lay those inroads for his future as multimillionaire.

And then Barry O — he went a little crazy over his eight-year stranglehold on the Oval Office — giving said Medal of Freedom to entertainers like Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Emilo Estefan, Barbara Streisand…

And sports stars such as Bill Russell, Vin Scully and Michael Jordan.

Yeah, Paul…

All these people definitely showed a LOT of courage and made a lot of sacrifices for our country — right?

Hopefully, you can feel the sarcasm in the last statement — as it was laid on pretty thick.

Obama awarded ALL of these entertainers, and you’re offended that he’s giving the medal to Tiger Woods, the most prominent minority athlete the professional golf world has ever seen?

Do you know how many entertainers Trump has given the medal to?


And it was to Elvis Presley in a posthumous ceremony.

He’s also given it to Babe Ruth posthumously…

People WAY more deserving than 80% of the people that Obama gave it to.

The Meat of the Matter

The question is, Paul: Were you angry when Barry gave it to Babs Streisand or Bobby De Niro? Because by your obvious outrage over Tiger’s reception — these people must have driven you off your rocker!


We know they didn’t.

We know you don’t have anything against Tiger either — it’s just you — showing symptoms of your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It’s OK … we know you can’t help it.

There are millions of Americans are suffering from the same disease.

There’s a cure though…

It’s a little red pill we like to call “The Truth.” It’s going to be tough to swallow, but once you get it down, you’ll feel a lot better.


“People get addicted to feeling offended all the time because it gives them a high; being self-righteous and morally superior feels good.” ― Mark Manson