Actor/comedian/podcast host Joe Rogan is a national treasure…

Regardless of the fact that he tends to lean to the Left, if there is one thing about Joe that EVERYBODY should admire, it’s that he keeps things 100% honest.

It’s why he’s become one of the most trusted voices in America—and also one of the highest-paid, as streaming service Spotify has landed him an exclusive deal from which he’s rumored to be making $100 million a year.

His show is worth every penny, and Rogan, a working comedian, interviews people he finds interesting, all of whom have something that he feels they can share with the world.

He’s had people on there from BOTH sides of the political aisle and seems to be able to draw out the truth from them.

Months ago, people were begging him to moderate a presidential debate—but nobody thought it would ever happen.

The Most Awesome Presidential Debate Of All Time

Either by decree of the powers-that-be or simply because it wasn’t something Joe was interested in himself, the idea of a presidential debate taking place on The Joe Rogan Experience seemed unlikely to happen.

But that recently changed. When Rogan was talking to Army Ranger and former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy, he said he was willing to host a debate—but he had a few stipulations. It would be just him, Biden, and Trump in a room – no scripts, no preprepared questions, no coaching…just three dudes sitting down for a conversation.

Trump, of course, said he’d do it almost immediately, tweeting the following in response to a post from Kennedy:

After all, what’s he have to be scared of?

Now, we’re just waiting on Biden’s response, but the odds of him agreeing to that format are slim to none—and slim left town.

His reluctance may be because Rogan is so against Biden being president, not for his policies or ideas, but because of his obvious mental and cognitive decline.

Rogan described his feeling on the former VP as, “Biden, to me, is like having a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long hike in the woods. It is not going to work out. It’s not going to make it.”

So, you can understand why the Biden campaign would balk at this kind of format…

But even so, you wouldn’t expect the Left to come out and attack every aspect of Rogan’s life and career in a concerted effort to discredit him. Remember, he’s not exactly a Trump guy either, but the Left using Rogan’s political opinions to build an argument about why he absolutely should not host a debate The View’s newest raging Liberal, Sunny Hostin, gave her two cents on the podcast king.

After dedicating a segment on the show to the Rogan/Biden/Trump rumors, Hostin said, “I think it would be inappropriate for Joe Rogan to host a presidential debate. I mean, I think given his use of the n-word, I think given his comparing a Black neighborhood to ‘Planet of the Apes,’ given the fact that he has called a transgender woman a man, I think all of that disqualifies him to be the host of a presidential debate.”

Again, if Rogan has done any of these things, it’s been as a part of his social commentary or his style of comedy, because he’s has been nothing but a friend to the black and LGBTQ community…

But that didn’t stop Hostin from spouting forth even more vitriol.

Fear What You Don’t Understand

“I am a traditionalist, as you know, I think that journalists should be hosting these debates. When you talk about a Joe Rogan, who has notably made misogynistic, racist, homophobic comments, that is someone that I have no interest in being given that kind of [exposure].”

What does this tell you?

It tells you that none of these women (with the exception of Meghan McCain) have any clue who or what Joe Rogan is.

If they truly think that Joe is a misogynist, racist, or homophobe, then they clearly haven’t even listened to his show before.

They just know what he’s said about Biden and automatically think that he’s a Trump supporter and/or a Conservative…

So they attack him and don’t realize they’re really attacking one of their own.

But that’s the Left for you…

They attack what they don’t understand, regardless of what side it’s coming from.

Their driving motivations are fear, anger, and hate…

And they’re destroying their own base over it.


“I don’t care if you’re gay, black, Chinese, straight. That means nothing to me. It’s all an illusion.” – Joe Rogan