For as much good as it’s doing for the country, the Trump administration is full of leakers and rats who are more concerned with feeding their own ego and sense of importance than helping the president enact his agenda.

The pages of mainstream media news outlets are full of reports about an anonymous “administration official” leaking information about the inner-workings of the Trump White House.

They are actively sabotaging his administration. If they don’t like what the president is doing, then they just resign instead of running to feed information to the media hounds that eat it up like a pack of hungry pit bulls.

The administration officials behind the leaks know this, and that’s exactly why they keep doing it. By doing so, they are sticking their finger in the eye of the man that hired them for a coveted position.

Many people would move Heaven and Earth to work in the White House. They are clearly ungrateful for their job.

Last year, an op-ed was written and published by an anonymous person said to work in the White House, claiming that Trump’s staff was working to undermine his agenda and prevent him from acting on his worst inclinations.

Now, this “anonymous” official has written a book.

What a coward. If he or she has a problem with the President, they should quit instead of hiding behind anonymity and profiting off of book sales.

In the book, the author claims that Vice President Pence was willing to sign off on invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which stipulates that a president can be removed from office if the Vice President informs Congress that the president is mentally unfit to hold office.

If you believe that VP Pence would actually do that, then I’ve got a time-share property to sell you in Belize.

National Review reported that “the book claims that senior White House officials were certain Pence would support removing Trump on mental incapacity grounds, as provided for in the 25th Amendment, as long as a majority of the cabinet members would sign such a letter, which would then be submitted to Pence for his signature.”

Vice President Pence vehemently denied the accusation made by the author.

Pence said, “You know when those rumors came out a few years ago, I dismissed them then. IF there is someone who is in our administration or who has served in our administration who doesn’t support this president, doesn’t support his agenda, he should resign.”

He is one-hundred percent correct.

The 25th Amendment was ratified to provide a backup plan for the line of succession in case of the incapacitation or death of a sitting president.

The president literally has to be unable to perform his duties to be replaced by the Vice President.

Just because Trump says things that are not politically correct doesn’t mean he is unfit to continue serving as president.

The 25th Amendment wasn’t even enacted when President Reagan was nearly killed by an assassin in 1981.

The effort to remove this president by any means continues unabated.

His enemies won’t stop until they get their way. That includes cowards within his own administration.

But no matter what they throw at this president, he continues marching on.

He is the Teflon Don.