What happens when freedom dies?

Even worse, what happens when freedom is being murdered in front of our eyes while we’re powerless to stop it?

How do we reconcile what the Founding Fathers intended for our country with what Liberal policies have turned our great country into?

It’s hard…

However, as hard as it’s been, never did we think we’d see an elected official trample on the US Constitution with as heavy a foot as Danene Sorace, the Democratic mayor of Lancaster, PA.

What she’s just done to her city is nothing short of a travesty of justice—and more importantly, what she did crossed the line into full-on unconstitutionality.

What did she do?

Well, she just forced the retirement of the beloved sheriff of her town, Chief Jarrad Berkihiser, because his wife—not even the sheriff himself! — expresses a pro-Trump sentiment on Facebook.

Yes, this very good cop is being forced to either resign or be fired simply because the mayor doesn’t like his wife’s political views.

It’s shameful the way this woman is trampling all over the US Constitution and the 1st Amendment…

But that’s what’s happening in PA right now.

Just Supporting Trump Gets Your OUSTED By Liberals Now

What was the heinous Facebook pot about? Did Mrs. Berkihiser profess her love for the President in a vulgar way? Did she target another Facebook user with threats and hate speech? Did she denounce BLM or support white supremacy?


She simply responded to a post about the President visiting the Keystone State with, “That’s why I’m voting for him again. Same reason as last time. You don’t see him meeting with Jacob Blake’s family and speaking to him by phone.”

Jacob Blake was the man who was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin as he failed to comply with their commands. At the time, he was armed with a knife while getting into a car with children in the back seat, all while at a home of a woman who had a restraining order on him after he allegedly raped her. Blake’s shooting sparked several days of violent rioting.

Joe Biden spoke to this man via telephone and then met with his family, basically undermining the authority of the police in Kenosha and everywhere else in the United States. Kamala Harris said she was “proud” of Blake for his actions.

Berkihiser’s wife is more than justified in her opinion of Biden on this issue, and she, like many other voters, prefers Trump’s response. Agree or disagree with her opinion, but her husband certainly shouldn’t lose his job over it.

But that’s exactly what happened.

This kind of response has become par for the course for Democrats, and Sorace is refusing to answer questions about Chief Berkihiser’s sudden departure. She’s probably aware of how much it will hurt her public image, so she’s staying mute, apparently in hopes that this story will go away.


FreedomWire is going to do their best to ensure that doesn’t happen.

When reached for comment about the story, all that Chief Berkihiser could say was that his retirement was “unexpected and unplanned,” letting us know that it certainly wasn’t his idea to step down as sheriff.

In Lancaster, The 1st Amendment Is DYING

But we do have a little insight into what is going on in Lancaster. Sheriff Berkihiser has done a lot of good for his community, as Sorace herself pointed out in her short press conference about Berkihiser’s forced retirement. She pointed out accomplishments like implementing a department-wide body-camera program, improving the department’s use-of-force policy, creating a community engagement sergeant position, and hiring the city’s first police social worker.

That insight was given to us by Berkihiser’s wife, Kristy, in this Facebook post: “My husband can’t talk about the details but there are a few things that seem to need cleared up. He did NOTHING wrong, in fact less than a month ago received national recognition for ‘saving’ our city after riots following a police involved shooting. He did his JOB and did it very well. It was my post and apparently his unwillingness to censor me. He has always valued his integrity above all else which is why he has not shared the details. We received my post via Milzy on Sunday night, by Monday at 11am he was summoned to city hall and told to resign/retire or be removed as chief by the mayor and her executive leadership team. He was given an opportunity to write a statement by 2pm which was not enough and he was told they felt MY post caused him to lose public trust and he could not come back from this. It was even acknowledged that Jarrad had NOT violated any city policy. The decision was not his or ours. Fight and suffer the financial consequences for unknown amount of time or retire. Since we were not financially ready for this we chose not to take on a years long fight. We did seek council from an FOP attorney Monday night. Tuesday I wrote my statement which I have shared. So the answer to the other question is there is NOT more to the story. He has nothing to hide and obviously I have already endured a bunch of criticism and been maligned as a racist which I am not. I have also had to deal with all the guilt for ruining my husband’s distinguished 26 plus year career. He still loves me. After the “announcement” was made he was told he was no longer allowed to speak to his people and 26 years of equipment was due by 5pm that day after 2pm. When he was able to address his own people prior to that he did not slander the mayor or the city or into any detail but what he did do was encourage his people to continue to do their jobs because there are good people in the city of Lancaster that depend on them. Because retirement means half his pay and this was not planned or prepared for by us… he IS job hunting. We are as I stated before praying a lot and assuming God has a better job waiting for someone who is as amazing as Jarrad is.”

We can only hope Officer Berkihiser is snatched up as quickly by another police force. It’s clear that this man has a lot more to give, and any community would be lucky to have him.

Shame on Sorace…

And shame on the people of Lancaster if the let this travesty of justice stand.

America is in short supply of good men, and Liberalism is making that list shorter by the day.

For shame…


“There’s a lot of good police officers. There’s thousands of perfect traffic stops. Lot of good men. Lot of good women. But those don’t get the stories.” – Dabo Swinney