According to a Zeta Pulse survey, 45% of Americans aren’t looking forward to watching the Tokyo games.

The following are the results of the survey:

  • The majority of U.S. consumers are not looking forward to the Olympics this year: 45.2% of U.S. consumers surveyed are not looking forward to the Olympics, while 17.5% are undecided.
    • Zeta predicts that the Tokyo Olympics will be one of the lowest-watched Summer Olympic Games in the 21st century, to date.
  • As the U.S. economy re-opens, people are not prioritizing the Olympics: As the U.S. re-opens following the pandemic and travel re-emerges this summer, 52.7% of people surveyed said they would not watch the Olympics with people they don’t live with, and only 19.4% will watch the Olympic Games in a location outside of their home.
  • Women and Generation Z are more interested in watching the Olympics than other demographics.
    • Generation Z and younger Millennials (adults 18-34) had the highest proportion of interest in watching the Olympics. The interest level dropped with each increasing age group.
    • 48% of surveyed women were interested in watching the Olympics, whereas only 41% men were interested.”

There are a few reasons why viewers don’t seem interested in this year’s Olympics.

One reason is that there are going to be no fans allowed to attend in person.

A state of emergency has been declared in Japan due to rising cases of COVID-19, and so fans have been banned.

As anyone who has watched sports during the pandemic knows, the lack of a raucous arena is boring and diminishes the appeal of watching live sports.

Another reason that fans aren’t likely to watch is that, at any time, their favorite athlete may test positive for COVID and would have to withdraw from the games.

Then there is the fact that, as states reopen in America, people want to get out and travel and do other activities that they haven’t been able to do in over a year. Staying inside to watch 17-days of Olympic coverage isn’t as appealing when people have been stuck inside for a year binge-watching Netflix. There is only so much recliner viewing people can take.

And then there is the elephant in the room that the media is largely ignoring: these games promise to be political.

Already members of the US Women’s soccer team have knelt in solidarity with Black Lives Matter…and then got stomped by Sweden, robbing them of the chance of gold.

Other athletes will no doubt disrespect the American flag, as some already have during US Olympic trials.

Americans aren’t going to tolerate watching their country disrespected in front of a global audience, especially when the athletes, many of whom are black, represent a country that has made their dreams possible. If America is so awful and racist, how did they represent that supposedly racist country in the Olympics?

It is a shame that there is such low enthusiasm for the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics used to unite the country and the world for seventeen days. The games were a respite from the troubles of life.

But now the Olympics are likely to be the lowest-rated in many years.

That is a shame indeed.