Have you been paying attention to the Kyle Rittenhouse story?

Many Americans tend to abandon a story once the sensationalism disappears, and since the nationwide riots have started to quiet down, very few people have been paying attention to what’s going on with the 17-year-old kid who was FORCED to defend his life when a Liberal mob turned on him.

It’s not their fault…

With the speed the news cycle moves, it’s totally understandable. Right now, there are even people who have forgotten that Jeffrey Epstein died under mysterious circumstances in a supposedly well-guarded prison cell.

However, while Epstein is gone and arguably deserved his fate (just a bit too early, as we would have liked to get the goods on his collaborators), Kyle Rittenhouse is a kid with his whole life in front of him…a life that will forever be changed simply because he traveled to Kenosha to do the right thing.

On the night the shootings took place and in the weeks that came after, speculation ran WILD about what went down that night.

Most of that speculation was focused on whether Rittenhouse was an agent of murder and chaos or the victim of it.

While the investigation isn’t over yet, the evidence, complete with videos to back it up, point to the fact that Rittenhouse may have been 100% justified in using deadly force to defend his life.

First a man tried to take his gun away from him, then another man tried to bash his brains in with a skateboard, and finally a third man armed with a handgun turned his attention towards the teen.

The Investigation Is Telling A DIFFERENT Story

However, until all the evidence is gathered and all the witnesses are questioned, Rittenhouse remains in custody until he is extradited to Wisconsin to stand trial when the time comes.

But as the investigation continues, there were a couple of revelations recently that leaned in Rittenhouse’s favor – and they’re pretty significant, potentially meaning the difference between the kid becoming a felon and walking away with time served.

The first good news is that Kyle will NOT be facing firearm charges in his home state of Illinois. The gun that was used in the incident was bought, stored, and used in Wisconsin.

While that may seem insignificant to some, it’s actually a pretty big development, because it means that the gun didn’t illegally cross state lines, which is a big part of the entire case.

Hopefully, this leads to lesser charges when it’s time to face the judge and jury.

But there’s been a bigger break in the case—and it’s a break that could change the entire narrative of the story. While Rittenhouse won’t be facing gun charges, another man will.

Joshua Ziminski will be facing disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon charges stemming from the August 25 shooting. On that night, Ziminski was a part of the mob, and he was caught on camera firing a “warning” shot into the air, pushing the already-tense situation over the edge.

Is This The KEY To Unlocking Rittenhouse’s Innocence?

It’s easy to see how this “warning shot” ended up creating the chaos that led to the mob attacking Rittenhouse, forcing him to defend himself with his AR-15.

However, even though both Ziminski and his wife admitted to his firing of the gun, the man plead “not guilty” to the charges against him.

However, Rittenhouse’s attorney Lin Wood says the video footage of the incident proves his client acted in self-defense.

The lawyer told Fox News, “The evidence is overwhelming. There’s not one iota of evidence that he did anything except defend himself.”

Let’s hope that’s the case, both for Rittenhouse’s sake and for America’s. We’ve watched this kid be painted as everything from a psychopath to a white supremacist (even though he is Latino). The world needs to see that the truth is much different than the narrative put forward.

Let’s hope it’s all true – and Rittenhouse can get back to being a kid…

Though, because of the incidents of that night, he may never be able to go back to being a “kid” ever again.


“Justice is the sum of all moral duty.” – William Godwin