If you’re a conservative and suffer from high blood pressure or have a bad heart condition…

Then you DO NOT want to read this article.

This article is going to make you mad, as it’s going to shine a big old spotlight on the way Dems are hijacking this impeachment inquiry to ensure it goes the way they want it to.

If you’re an American, the way this impeachment is being handled should make you frustrated…

It seems the Dems are wasting time and taxpayer’s dollars on a journey to nowhere.


If you’re a conservative, the way that the impeachment is being handled should make you more than frustrated—you should be FURIOUS. Schiff and the Dems have stacked the deck in their favor and are wielding their majority with an iron fist in an attack on the Right…as well as the American justice system itself!

What has been happening throughout this entire process is a disgusting abuse of the temporary power held by the House Dems.

Through this entire process—including the closed-door witness hearings—Adam Schiff has done his best to either interrupt or silence Republican Congress members, preventing them from asking the questions they want.

Whenever it comes around…

Schiff starts either changing rules, doesn’t recognize them, or hammers his gavel down to end the discussion.

Rules For THEE, Not For ME

There was a wonderful display put on when Republican Rep Elise Stefanik was trying to make a Point of Order statement: Schiff allowed her make ONE and then flat out refused to allow her to make any more…

He did the same to Republican bulldog Jim Jordan, who kept asking for a Point of Order without Schiff recognizing him once in four attempts.

Stefanik took to Twitter to point this out to the public, highlighting exactly what kind of kangaroo court that Schiff is running.

“How many times can Adam Schiff say ‘the Gentlewoman is NOT recognized’? He clearly has NO interest in letting Republicans have any say in the impeachment hearings. Watch him interrupt us multiple times and refuse to yield for our parliamentary questions,” she tweeted, attaching the video clip of their exchange.

But that’s not the only exchange the fiery Republican had with Pencil-Neck Schiff, the self-styled King of the Committee.

During another exchange, this time after Devin Nunes tried to yield his remaining time to Stefanik, Schiff seemingly changed the rules and wouldn’t allow this to happen.

King Schiff BANGS His Scepter

Nunes: I know, Ms. Stefanik, you had a few quick questions for the ambassador.  I yield to you, Ms. Stefanik.

Stefanik: Thank you, Mr. Nunes. Ambassador Yovanovitch–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend. The gentlewoman will suspend.

Stefanik: What is the interruption for this time?

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend, you’re not recognized. Mr. Nunes–

Nunes: I just recognized Ms. Stefanik.

Schiff: Under the House Res. 660 you are not allowed to yield time except to counsel.

Stefanik: The ranking member to another member of Congress.

Schiff: Nope, nope. That is not accurate.

Nunes: You’re gagging the gentlewoman from New York?

Stefanik: That is accurate. Ambassador Yovanovitch, I want to thank you for being here today–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend, you’re not recognized.

Stefanik: This is the fifth time that you have elected members of Congress, duly-elected members of Congress–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend.

Nunes: Mr. Chair, we control the time and customary to this committee, whoever controls the time can yield to whoever they wish. If we have members of Congress who have a few questions, it seems appropriate that we would let Ms. Stefanik ask her question.

Schiff: Mr. Nunes, you or minority council recognized.

During this entire exchange, Schiff stared straight ahead with his shifty eyes, refusing to allow the Republicans to ask the questions they felt deserved answers.

How can this be justice?

Why isn’t the American public up in arms about this? Not just Conservatives, either…

But all Americans should be appalled at the way the Dems are trying to control every aspect of the process – because if it happens one way, it damn sure can happen the other.

Schiff needs to be thrown out of that chamber unless he agrees to equal treatment and equal time for each member.

This is still a democratic process and it still needs to be PURE…

Adam Schiff is perverting it into something almost unrecognizable.


“Evil has no substance of its own, but is only the defect, excess, perversion, or corruption of that which has substance.” – John Henry Newman