So-called Late Night “comedians” aren’t really comedians anymore. They more closely resemble political pundits you would see on CNN and MSNBC than they do Johnny Carson.

They clearly have disdain for Middle Americans and Trump supporters. The late-night woke fest is nauseating to watch. It is nonstop smears against President Trump and Republicans. The pontificators of late night are vicious and clearly hold those in “flyover country” in contempt.

President Trump is easy to make fun of: he has a unique head of hair and he thinks very highly of himself. There is a lot of material for the late-night hosts to work with. However, instead of lighthearted poking, they take a knife to Trump’s heart every night.

It’s not smart business to attack half of your potential audience, but these hosts are too self-righteous to care. They live in a bubble and want to fit in at Hollywood parties, human decency be damned.

Late Night Hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel lead the pack, with Bill Maher and Trevor Noah not far behind.

In 2017, Stephen Colbert made a homophobic joke about President Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, saying “the only thing your [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster.”

Bill Maher said the following about middle America on his HBO show: “The passed-over states are not just angry—they’re pissed off. They don’t hate us; they want to be us.”

Um, no. Nice try Bill.

That brings us to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel Attacks Republicans

Jimmy Kimmel has become the voice of reason—or so he thinks—on his late-night show. He feels it is his duty to lecture the American people about politics, especially after a tragedy.

Kimmel—who became famous on the show that featured big-breasted woman bouncing on trampolines—now finds it necessary to pontificate from the mountaintops to enlighten the uneducated masses.

Kimmel began his anti-Republican rant by saying:

“After another weekend of sadness and outrage in the United States, we had two more mass shootings—one on Saturday in El Paso, the other in Dayton Sunday morning—horrible senseless tragedies, again with many lives lost, and again our leaders in one party, in particular, are offering not much more than their thoughts and their prayers.”

He was just getting started: “The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, this evil soulless creep, won’t even allow the Senate to vote on a bipartisan bill to require background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. There are two bills, each written by Democrats and Republicans together…but Mitch McConnell made sure the Senate couldn’t even vote on them, he didn’t bring them to the floor; they left for recess. So tell Mitch McConnell we have some good news…we agree that he needs to drag his bony gray ass into work to vote on these bills.”

Classy guy. I am sure the left will admonish Kimmel for inciting violence against Mitch McConnell given the fact that #MassacreMoscowMitch was trending on Twitter earlier this week and angry protestors surrounded his home.

Probably not.

Late night isn’t what it used to be. Johnny Carson must be rolling in his grave.