There’s a fundamental problem with politics these days: everyone is unwilling to consider or even listen to the other side’s viewpoint.

It also seems like, in order to avoid any kind of criticism from your own side, you have to be on board with EVERYTHING they stand for or else you’re going to get ridiculed and hated on.

Now, while this is something that happens on both sides, the fact of the matter is that the Left is far more intolerant than the Right.

Extremism is far more prevalent with the Left than the Right, and while we can fully acknowledge there is extremism on both sides, to disregard the extremists and rampant radicalization on the Left would be a disservice and unfair.

The Left is full of extremists, and they’re all equally fervent and fanatical about their ideologies and those they support.

They don’t just “like” Bernie Sanders, they’re convinced he’s the second coming of Lenin. The moment you speak ill of him, they turn into rabid chihuahuas and start trying to bite you off at the ankles.

However, there’s something even worse about this rabid kind of extremism, and it could be the exact thing the Right needs to find its way back to mainstream prominence.

The Fatal Flaw Of The Leftist Ideology

See, the Left has a propensity to turn on its own…

If a Liberal fails to toe the party line even for the slightest reason, the rest of the Left will tear into them like they’re on the Right.

We’ve seen it happen MULTIPLE times, and nine times out of ten, the Liberal in the hot seat will make some kind of apology afterward, explaining how they didn’t realize they were offending some marginalized person.

We saw this happen with comedian Kevin Hart a few years ago, when social justice warriors searched his Twitter feed to find something that could be construed as “homophobic” from 12 years in the past in order to get him uninvited to host the Oscars.

Cancelations like this have played out dozens of times over the years, and now it’s happening to another Hollywood Lib for something even MORE benign than what Hart did.

Katy Perry is a pop superstar. She’s had hit after hit, and has parlayed her singing success with a gig on one of America’s most-watched TV shows: “American Idol.”

Perry comes off as very likable, even though she’s been both a Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden supporter. I won’t hold that against her though. She can sing and write catchy songs, so as long as she’s a good person, I couldn’t care less about her politics.

However, the hateful stare of the vengeful Left turned its gaze towards Perry recently after she shared a video of her father’s new venture: an American-made clothing line that advertises unity over politics in a completely non-partisan way.

Now, you wouldn’t think anyone would have a problem with a non-partisan piece of apparel, but because the company isn’t fully on the Left, coupled with Perry’s father’s conservative viewpoints, the Left started eating her alive.

The Left Can’t Stand DIVERSITY

The responses to the pictures came fast and furious.

“Pls delete even your fans can’t defend this anymore”

Another Liberal posted, “Girl I love you but this ain’t it. Saying we shouldn’t be divided isn’t gonna change anything until the republicans realize they vote against human rights. We can’t say we’re all Americans like we’re equal when the other side doesn’t want equality.”

And then there was this guy, “you need to realize it is YOUR PRIVILEGE being able to speak to your family even if they are republicans or conservatives. most of us feel threatened by those people so thats why you need to stop to spread the ‘love your conservative parents’ propaganda.”

Can you believe it?

Because Katy Perry’s dad is selling a non-partisan t-shirt, these people see it as a problem. They can’t accept there are other viewpoints out there, and they’re complaining that disagreement constitutes an actual threat.

If it’s not all Left, it’s unacceptable…

And that’s the problem.

If Biden is sincere about his call for unity, then he’d better do something about this mindset that has taken over the Left.

If he doesn’t, the divisiveness that started under Obama and got worse under Trump will explode under Biden.

Diversity of thought is the only TRUE diversity there is…

The Left should learn that before it’s too late.


“Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure.” – Petrarch