Attempts to prop Kamala Harris up as if she’s a well-loved public figure, cherished for being the first female and mixed-race vice president, appear to be failing after she polled extremely poorly with most Americans.

Despite the Biden-Harris ticket allegedly receiving 80 million votes—which, if true, would make them the most popular presidential pair in history—most polling and approval ratings suggest that they are in fact not well-liked by people at all.

Two recently conducted surveys show that, after six months in office, “46 percent of Americans approved of Harris, with 47 and 48 percent disapproving,” the Telegraph reported over the weekend.

If accurate, this would make Kamala Harris the least popular vice president since the 1970s.

At the same point in former Vice President Mike Pence’s term, 42.1 percent approved of his performance while just 41.9 percent disapproved, Gallup concluded, according to the Telegraph.

“The previous vice president — Biden — had an approval rating above 50 percent after six months. Before that Dick Cheney, and Al Gore, were in the 60s at the same stage,” the outlet stated. “Even Dan Quayle, the much-mocked vice president of George H.W. Bush, had an approval rating of 43 percent, and disapproval of just 22 percent, with 34 percent undecided.”

“Bush himself was a popular vice president under Ronald Reagan, as was his predecessor Walter Mondale, who became Jimmy Carter’s vice president in 1976,” the report continued.

Despite Democrat presidencies typically enjoying more popularity with younger generations, a recent Economist/YouGov poll found that only 36 percent of voters ages 18 to 29 viewed her “favorably” while 41 percent view her “unfavorably.”

Since taking office, Kamala Harris has done a minimal amount of work as vice president aside from conducting interviews with the media.

After being appointed by the president to lead the charge on the border crisis, Harris’ staff has denied responsibility to do anything regarding the surge of migrants at the southern border.

Instead, she flew to Central America to discuss the “root” causes of the mass migration while ultimately abandoning the US-Mexico border. That is, until former President Donald Trump announced he was visiting the border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, at which point Harris visited El Paso.

Since then, it’s been crickets from Harris. It’s no wonder why she’s losing popularity with the Democrat voter base amid her lack of action as a vice president.