It hasn’t been a good week for Vice President Kamala Harris. Months after being assigned to address the border crisis, Harris finally visited Guatemala and Mexico to “address the root causes” of the border surge.

I could have saved the Vice President a trip to Central America. The “root cause” of the border surge is the Biden administration…and that particular issue is best addressed here in the US.

Biden and his cabinet members signaled from the beginning that they would be weak on border enforcement and would let children come into the country unrestricted, which prompted thousands of parents to send their kids to America in the hope that they wouldn’t be deported and thus would add to chain migration.

Biden also ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and stopped the construction of Trump’s border wall.

So, what the heck did Harris think was going to happen?

If the Biden administration would have simply continued the border security policies of the Trump administration, there would be no Biden border crisis. Trump made great progress on protecting the Southern border, especially after securing help from Mexican military forces who stopped migrants from crossing into America on the Mexican side of the border.

And as it turns out, Guatemalans aren’t fans of Harris and Biden either. Harris found that out the hard way.

The Vice President was greeted with signs that said that “Trump won,” telling her to “go home” and “mind your own business.”

The President of Guatemala isn’t any more of a fan of Harris than his people. President Alejandro Giammattei said that Harris and him were “not on the same side of the coin,” and he blamed the Biden administration for the border crisis because of “confusing” messaging.

Harris then tried to sound tough by warning Guatemalans to “not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.”

Yeah, because the Biden administration is doing such a bang-up job protecting the border and enforcing our laws…If you believe that, I have a life insurance policy I would like to sell you.

But don’t worry, Harris has a master plan for ending the border crisis: She is going to dump American cash into Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.


If only someone would have thought of this before…oh, wait, someone already has. We have been giving them money for years, and yet, here we are, still receiving an influx of migrants from those countries.

In Mexico, Harris has pledged to give $130 million of our tax dollars to the Mexican labor movement.

Because unions in Mexico need to be supported by the United States. We are truly being led by inept leaders.

Harris announced the labor funds when she said, “We believe that unions are what build the middle class. We believe that — and I certainly do — that anybody, regardless of whether they’ve been a member of a union or not, has organized labor to thank for the eight-hour workday, the weekends, sick leave, holidays.”

The Biden administration isn’t content with saving dying unions in the United States, they must also support labor unions in Mexico.

But hey, gang, Joe Biden has a 61% approval rating…

It was a disaster foreign trip for Kamala Harris. She accomplished nothing and managed to, if anything, make the problems worse.

The solution is simple: Enforce border security the way the Trump administration was doing.

There, problem solved.